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My experience has been that an emphasis on cursive writing went by the wayside about 10 years ago – by the time my son was a 3rd grader, they spent much less time on cursive and even print writing than for my slightly older daughter. I don’t know my thoughts on whether his lack of schooling in cursive would make it more challenging to read handwritten documents? Do you think that a generation taught typing instead of cursive writing (with a reduced emphasis on even print writing for that matter) will be more challenged in the future to read hand-written documents or not? The opinions, articles, and statements expressed herein are solely for the use of our readers. The materials on this UpFront blog are under copyright of the National Genealogical Society. NATASHA THIELE, REPORTER: When I was a kid, getting my pen licence to write in cursive was pretty exciting. But something one European country is doing has people talking about whether we still need it! KID 1: I just find it more convenient to message on electronics because you get your message through a lot quicker.
KID 2: I think handwriting is important cause you won't always have access to computers and iPads and things. KID 3: Some people would be so reliant on computers being able to spell check and correct all your mistakes that they might forget how to spell things and write neatly. Add on to my comment: The Japanese and Chinese people have kept their traditional style writing up until now.
I don't think that we should ditch cursive handwriting because it's still good to learn how to write like that, but I think we should totally start learning how to type. I think scrap writing is much better than typing because if you type you will not spelling bacause the computer gives you them when you spell it wrong. I think we should scrap cursive writing, as it is a waste of time at school, when we cam learn how to type. I think we should keep handwriting because there will always be a time when you need to write something.
I think that cursive should be kept because if you want to learn running writing,cursive will come in handy scince you already know joins and stuff like that.
I think people should learn cursive handwriting so in the future you can have a signature and you can write a bill or cheque.
It strongly believe that we should keep teaching cursive script because it is pretty and has lots of history. I think we should scrap cursive because it is just about skill and typing will be used more in the future.
Cursive should stay it is a valuable lesson and we won't type for the rest of our lives so we should keep it ! I agree that we should keep cursive writing because it will help write signatures, in future tests it will be faster and we can't always rely on auto check. I strongly believe that cursive writing should be learnt by all kids around the world because sometimes we give mails to other people and we are running out of time we can use cursive writing. I know that typing lessons would be useful, but I think cursive writing will make your brain smarter, and it is important to have some time away from Electronics. I think that we should still have cursive writing because it is useful to some people, also we should have it because if there was something wrong with all of the devices and you needed to do work then that means that you can use cursive writing to do your work.

The thing is, cursive has been there for many centuries and it is very sad when something that is part of history is scraped. I strongly believe that cursive writing is better than technology because you learn how to write in a cool way. I do NOT like cursive s looks nothing like the real s also it takes me longer to write cursive than normal writing so why bother?! I strongly believe that we should continue writing, because we have been doing it for a long time now and it would be hard to start something new; and computers cost money to have and it costs money to buy ink and paper, plus you'll have to pay the electricity bill, and if your eyes are stuck to the screen for a long time you will not be able to communicate with people.
In my opinion I agree with both sides because computers cost a lot of money but they are are good for socialising and research. I'm on both sides because computers cost a lot of money and have spell check and use a lot of electricity although paper is made out of trees which is bad for the environment! Honesty I think that stationary and paper is better because with a computer you can cheat because if you get a word wrong the computer can correct it and if you want to print and your out of ink the ink will cost you about a lot of money. I think we should replace writing with typing because typing is quicker, more efficient when you need to send a message you don't have to wait four weeks for two messages. I strongly believe that typing could be the next new thing in schools because handwriting has been around for the last 1000 years but typing is a lot faster. In my opinion I feel that schools should continue with cursive writing because the expense is a problem to buy the computer and to maintain it (for example the ink and electricity) and a computer doesn't last forever.
I think you are so right in many ways like about the expense and even if you do get a computer and you need to hand in an assignment but you need to charge it you can write but if no one learnt cursive i wouldn't want to be you. In my opinion computers are better to write with, because a lot of things used in everyday life have most likely come off a computer or some sort of technology. I strongly think that kids should stick with handwriting because if you had an exam on the computer and you spelt a word wrong spell check will come on the computer and tell you the correct word and you can cheat. I strongly believe that Australian schools should scrap cursive writing and start having typing lessons, because cursive writing will soon be a thing of the past and everyone will be using computers, so we may as well start typing now. I think we should not have to write in cursive writing because it's been around for years and years like.its so old and I think we should just type instead it's easier and faster to do. I think we should not scrap learning cursive as one day we may need it when their is a power cut. Does Not Learning Cursive Mean Our Descendants Will Be Less Able to Read Handwritten Documents?
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As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. An Italian guy from the 15th century named Niccolo Niccoli is said to have invented the style we use today.
Finland has decided to scrap cursive handwriting classes in all of its schools from next year.
I'm not much of a typist so it might help me there, but that just adds to your daily screentime. If we got typing lessons instead, we would be spending to much time in front of a screen and it wouldn't be very healthy.
I'm really good at typing already but I don't think we should scrap cursive just because typing is easier and faster.

If we do this some children could become sloppy hand writers, or be more enthused in screens. Some people have worked very hard to learn cursive writing so that would just be taking the effort from them. Cursive may also be useful when you want to send letters to friends when they are far away because they may be on a long holiday, because it would not have reception. Handwriting means you use paper which is made out of trees so it is a waste of trees and is bad for the environment but then you can write cards with your own design.
On the other hand handwriting is good for birthday cards, postcards, letters and making pictures and paintings! A lot of people have said that with computers you have spell check but you can turn spell check off. My opinion is because if you were to send someone a card but as a text message it is effortless and unaffectionate. You also are wasting lots of electricity , another thing is that internet may not work your their is a physical problem with it. NGS and the authors disclaim any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise that is or may be incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and applications of any of the products, techniques, and technologies mentioned herein.
Finland is soon going to ditch all cursive lessons and replace them with typing lessons instead.
Before we find out why, let's take a closer look at how cursive came to be so important to begin with. Kids had to learn it in the old days using pen and ink and back when, say your grandparents were at school, this is how they learned it. There have also been suggestions that kids should now be doing tests and exams on computers, instead of handwriting them. Writing can also be faster and easier in some situations, like exams, and would also let people use things like signatures. I think kids should still learn how to write in cursive, but just not do it as much and have typing lessons more often. Buying paper and stationary to last you one or two years costs more than printing something off in colour.
Another reason that cursive writing shouldn't be scrapped is that staying on a screen for a long time is bad for your eyes and your brain and kids could get distracted and start to play games instead of learning. And with most exams or tests the questions are not hand written and have been typed on a computer! NGS does not imply endorsement of any outside advertiser or other vendors appearing in this blog. The country's education experts reckon typing is more useful in everyday life especially considering so many of us use technology to communicate. For example, the NAPLAN test will be all done online from next year which some say could improve results.
And some worry replacing cursive with typing lessons might make kids worse at spelling because they can just rely on spell check all the time.

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