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Tasks(or a series of tasks) that are done repeatedly can be saved as Excel macros - just run the macro whenever you need to perform the task(s).
Normally, when you try to open a workbook that contains Excel macros, you will be notified by the Security Warning dialog. The codes within Excel macros are actually VBA(Visual Basic for Applications) codes, which is very similar to Visual Basic.
Right click on the cell and choose Format cells > Alignment tab > Wrap text - See Figure 1 below.
It's good if you learn how to make simple edits to the automatically generated Excel macros as sometimes the recorded macros may not run exactly as you planned. Even if you do not have any programming knowledge, no Microsoft Excel training or never had Excel lessons, you will still be able to utilize the power of Excel macros - you do not need to know much about programming to automate Excel, just use the record macro feature in Excel.

For the general Microsoft Excel users, using the record macro feature in Excel is the easiest way to get started. A small floating recording toolbar will appear - it's already recording your Excel macro now! A list of recorded Excel macros will be shown - just select the macro you want and click Run. There are lots of other free online Excel training or advanced Excel tutorial available online.
If you are adventurous, you can view or edit the codes for the Excel macro that you have created.
If you plan to use VBA to write or edit Excel macros, you may need to install the VBA help section from the original CD.

Of course, after reading through this article, you may want to consider getting Microsoft Office training or Microsoft Excel training. Press Alt + F11 to launch the Visual Basic editor and then open the Modules folder - on the left panel.

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