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How wonderful it would be if business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking business finance, were privy to the techniques used by funding panels to evaluate their application forms for approval. When it comes to raising funding for business, it is clear that consultants’ fees are heavy milestones for many businesses to overcome particularly if they are already cash challenged. When it comes to selecting the right training course for business planning for finance, learners should ensure that the course covers topics that will enable them to know how their funding application will be evaluated. Sheila Elliott is a business management trainer and consultant mainly assisting businesses with the development of their business plans, as well as business management skills.
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At Coggno, we're passionate about helping professionals who work in HR, leadership, and management roles. So what is the answer to those in need of business plans for funding but cannot afford the fees charged by consultants?

She works with associates to deliver specialist training courses in procurement, leadership and management, as well as business finance. For the business owner, resources will be used efficiently to target business plans to meet the needs of the financiers, and of course, in return, funding panel staff will not waste their precious time reviewing a premature business plan with little scope for success. The emergence and growing demands for online business training courses is creating an alternative for those in need of professional business plans for funding, but with little cash to pay for it.
Of course there are many business plan training course providers in the market; but not all courses in the market are tailored for those seeking funding and in desperate need of a business plan to support their application. Ultimately a business plan for finance needs to be tailored towards the funding criteria of banks, private investors or grant funding organisations. Sheila has trained thousands of directors and managers over the years, helping them develop their skills in bidding for public sector contract opportunities, leadership, finance, and general management principles. Let me remind you that a business plan is a management tool that helps target resources effectively towards business goals and objectives to accomplish core strategy.

She develops quality training packages for small businesses to access professional management skills with which to develop their business operations.
No longer can a business owner or manager claim that they are disadvantaged to access finance given the cost of a typical online course of $99 or less.
In this regard, a business plan is not a tool for raising finance but rather one of the management tools a funding organisation will require you to provide before considering your application for funding.
Businesses can use the knowledge gained from the course to produce their own business plans and then get the experts to review and modify them for a fraction of the standard consultant’s fees. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse as it can make a difference between positive approval and rejection.

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