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Transcendental Meditation, or TM as it is more commonly known, is a form of meditation that focuses on a particular way of using a mantra during meditation; it is practiced by approximately 4 million people worldwide.
One of the key aims is to enable the individual to limit distractions in the mind and to enter a state of relaxation. Transcendental Meditation has subsequently been introduced in many other countries, and is now a popular form of meditation for many. Despite this expansion of the organization, the meditation and principles remain largely the same as when it was first introduced in the 1950s. The actual practice of Transcendental Meditation involves repeating a particular mantra for 15-20 minutes twice a day, every day, whilst keeping the eyes closed. According to the TM movement, the process of TM ‘transcends’ ordinary thinking and replaces it with a state of uninterrupted, pure consciousness that enables the individual to achieve total relaxation and awareness of the self. In order to practice Transcendental Meditation, the individual follows a seven-step course, taught by a qualified instructor.
Each individual is given a mantra personal to them, which they are supposed to keep to themselves. Following on from this initial training, the instructor has regular meetings with the individual to ensure they are continuing to practice TM correctly. TM has been applied to many individuals in many different situations; notably made more popular by David Lynch and his foundation. In addition, the foundation has brought TM to prisons and argues it can help address the causes of offending, therefore bringing benefits to the wider society as well as the individual.
TM has received little scientific research so far, so it impossible to say for sure what the benefits actually are.
Much of the research seems to support TM in the same way as other forms of meditation; it can have a huge range of benefits, but not specifically separate to other forms of meditation. This inevitably raises questions of bias in the research, and produces questions over the findings. To partly address these concerns, David Lynch has commissioned the foundation to carry out a large amount of scientific, academically robust research into the effects of TM. Whether we believe the research is biased or not, it does seem that many people report TM to be highly beneficial for them.

I am Rudina Kopo, a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and I am happy to bring this technique in Albanian language to all my country-mates. I want to reach a significant number of practitioners to increase the level of collective consciousness.
One beautiful goal is to implement the science of creative intelligence, higher knowledge in schools, so that children grow up healthy and happy and naturally stronger and more intelligent. In comparison to other forms of meditation, TM is relatively new, having been introduced to India in the 1950s. TM has grown into a whole movement, with trained teachers, followers, presentations, and world tours. Part of the increased popularity can be attributed to many celebrities practicing and endorsing the movement throughout the years. This process includes lectures, personal assessments and individual instruction and teaching. Following this, the individual engages in three days of practice, which is supervised by the instructor.
The TM movement argues that you cannot learn the technique of TM from a book, the internet, or social media; it has to be taught by an instructor so it can be customized to individual needs. The foundation supports individuals such as young people and soldiers returning from duty to address the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. However, it is promoted as a way to increase relaxation and reduce stress and tensions in the body.
Moreover, much of the research that has been conducted into TM specifically has been organized by people connected to the TM movement. In 2013, the American Heart Association reported that TM could be used and may be beneficial for individuals suffering from cardiovascular disorders.
David Lynch himself states that other types of meditation or therapy limited his creativity, obviously an issue for someone who relies on their creative talents for a living. Thank you that you are on this page and you have the curiosity to learn something that will make your life better, easier and more fulfilling. I am very happy and I am honored to introduce myself as the first teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Albania and Kosovo.

In recent years, the movement has expanded to include education and health related products and services. This is where the individual practices their own TM, and is corrected where necessary by the instructor. The foundation has brought TM into the classroom, advocating that TM can help school children become more productive and higher achievers. There is some initial research that suggests TM can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, and lower high blood pressure. However, they also point out that other treatments, including both mediation and others such as exercise, are more effective than TM. The technique has both religious and non-religious elements, particularly drawing from Hinduism. Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, effortless mental practice that can be learned by anyone and it provides wonderful effects by removing stress. I was certified for teaching TM in Thailand, where I was trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who is the founding teacher of Transcendental Meditation. The benefits of this technique have been scientifically proven and it allows you to be healthy by keeping your life balanced. We intend to increase the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the individual in every city in Albania, Kosovo or wherever they are, using the following technique. Transcendental Meditation allows you to use a larger amount of mental capacity, of which unfortunately most of us use only 5-10%, thus making you more creative. Transcendental Meditation makes you more social, more acceptable for others, and what matters most, to yourself.
I chose TM because it is very simple, does not require much time from my day and makes me enjoy life more, regardless of whether I am alone or with my friends.

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