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Poems introduce the subject and predicate, simple sentences, compound subjects, and compound predicates. There is a way to go into the mind of kids with poor verbal skills and check their understanding of  language. When you feel that the child got used to the activity and comfortable with short sentences, move on to make longer sentences of five or six words. Keep this activity on the daily schedule and practice at least five sentences a day consistently. To expand the child’s skills using words and making sentences, write long sentences and cut out segments of the sentence instead of words.
You wouldn’t believe how much the students loved this activity and I had to keep up with the pace and remember to prepare enough sentences for the following day. Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? About the AuthorNadia Shanab holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering. These were very easy for him, and he completed them fairly effortlessly, however some of them we did twice or even three times.

Whenever he would learn a new letter, we would practise and review the letters that he had previously learnt. When he became a little bored with this, I simply put multiple sentences onto one sheet. Lastly I gave him blank handwriting paper and would set him different writing tasks. Overall I am happy at how far he has come in just a few months, and as he is only four I am certain that he will continue to progress with each passing day.
Your child sits at a table that is at the right height; this is very important and makes a dramatic difference in their writing. After joining the Cupertino School District, she discovered the captivating world of Special Education. By doing this you train the child to manipulate more words and more complex sentence structure. However if you are like me, and are clueless as to where to start, then I hope that this post can give you some ideas. Frequently he would write about something he may have studied in one of his other subjects for example science.
Students work individually for enrichment or anchor activity or in partners or small groups.

I like doing this activity especially in the afternoon when the kids start to get tired and less interested in deskwork. I taught my first son to read using 100 easy lessons, but never taught him to write because his fine motor skills were not well established. Even though my son developed quickly in reading, much time passed before I took the first steps with him in teaching him to write. He does make spelling mistakes from time to time, but I try not to place too much emphasis on this as I think it is more important that he writes fluently at first and then we will focus on accuracy. To begin with we used simple worksheets that gave him practise with different types of lines (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curves etc).

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