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Native development can be great for games and those needing hardcore CPU or graphics processing power.
In addition to training and creating their first, basic HTML5 mobile application, attendees will also learn about marketing and delivery options for non-native applications.
To RSVP your seat for this workshop, please click on "Sign in to RSVP" in the upper right location of this page. David is only a few years out of university but is one of the Skookum Digital Works's most respected software engineers (a high accomplishment putting him on par with some of the best developers in the country). David is a talented software hacker and frequently leads teams on complicated integration projects for both Fortune 500 companies and startups with a good idea.

He is a frequent contributor to both Skookum Digital Works Free Friday Tech Talks as well as various JavaScript and development meetups around Charlotte, NC.
Never fear—armed with your existing knowledge of HTML and CSS, you too can write some killer, device agnostic, mobile applications and even learn the required steps for taking part in each device's hardware functionality. But most of the non-gaming applications you use everyday can be (or already are) written in HTML5 offering you one code-base to serve a diverse hardware market. He is currently in charge of porting a desktop application to the cloud (and ergo, the iPad) for Coke.
Any unauthorized use of these names, or variations of these names, is a violation of state, federal and international trademark laws.

David has an uncanny ability to make the complicated seem playful and is a fantastic presenter and teacher.

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