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Inspirational Quote: High achievement always takes place in a framework of high expectation. It supports 2 modes - teacher's mode to teach Arabic language and student's mode to learn Arabic language. Click on the banner above to learn Afghanistan and its geography, history, culture and politics. Quick links: geographic location, basic information, flag, visa, money, questions & answers, top destinations, airplane ticket, ferry boat, 4 days tour, learn arabic. Even under the best possible conditions, learning a language can be something that requires work and time. If you can use your willpower and organize learning schedule to achieve an effective way to learn Arabic in Morocco, you will get very rewarding results.
Learning to communicate with people in Morocco is a unique experience that will open doors and hearts of its warm and friendly people. With no doubt, learning Arabic language in Morocco is easier than learning it in your home country, because in Morocco you are surrounded by the language so it is easier to learn by listening.
On this page you will find a practical lessons to learn Arabic online, so that you can communicate and talk Moroccan and Algerian.
Because it takes time for two people to exchange several questions and answers about what interests them, such as asking how is the family and talk about day-to-day life. If you greet a group of people, then you should greet everyone the same way as you greeted the first one. Also do not be surprised of being in a group and not be greeted like everyone else, some Moroccans are shy to greet a stranger.

Nor is it necessary to give a detailed information of how you feel during the greeting, usually only simple answer is expected. There are still a few nouns that do not fit in the above categories, but are still feminine. Cultural aspects: Try not to ask about the age or the salary of the people, especially women. In Moroccan Arabic, as you have noticed in the examples above, describing possession or membership can be done by simply adding a possessive pronoun’s suffix at the end of the word. The demonstrative pronouns come in varying forms, depends on gender and number, and also in proper form.
Note: At the beginning it can be difficult to know which if word has feminine or masculine forms, or how to use it properly.
Note: After you have some experience in listening to Moroccan Arabic, you can recognize the appropriate use of these situations. We are Rita and Joao and we live in southern Morocco.This is our site to help you prepare your trip to this beautiful country.
Arabic is like any other language, easy in some aspects and hard in some others, depending on the learner's background, and ability to adapt to new rules.
In the past year we wrote our followers names in Arabic -we stopped it for lack of time-, here you will find the names that we published, if you're interested.
There aren’t enough reasons to love your mother, but use the ones you know in Arabic. Do not forget because I will use this expression several times throughout this Arabic course.

These lessons are not Arab language used in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Palestine. Do not be surprised if you are greeted by a friend but he did not present you to another friend who speaks the same time. Verb is already implicit in pronoun, and a simple phrase can be made using a personal pronoun along with a name or adjective. Men should avoid asking questions about women or someone partners, this can be seen as inappropriate for the interest of conversation. We have to take care if these words take the place of adjectives or demonstrative pronouns. For all demonstrative adjectives you have to use the definite article before the name that follow. Learning Arabic certainly takes time and practice, but there are not many irregularities in the grammar.
For example you will see a [t] next to the letter O? That means that this letter sounds like [t].
People you will not always talk about other aspects of their personal work even when asked. Conversations about religion and politics can make some people feel uncomfortable to develop a conversation or discussion.

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