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Thank You Joanie Joanie McMahon came into my life during a time that was personally difficult.
Thank You JoanieI had been searching for effective antidotes to neutralize negative mental and emotional states that had made residence in me for quite a long, long time.This is crucial not only for me as a trainer by profession but for my delegates who I have diagnosed with these limiting and imprisoning chains pulling one backwards. Thank You JoanieThrough the duration of our social media-connected friendship Joanie *is* a truly awe-inspiring influence in my life. After a single session of Journey Work, she helped me work through energic blocks which since then, I have been able to clearly and concisely communicate with those in my world.
Thank you Joanie Joanie your daily messages of inspiration are much appreciated and I too, have immersed myself in this new knowledge and doing my best to put it into practice, learn more about it and share it with my family and friends! Thank You Joanie“ Joanie’s journeys are something I hold very dear to my heart, and keep in mind as an example of a healthy practice for better and happier living. Thank You JoanieI was aware of Law of Attraction but, couldn't get a start like what's the basics ?
I am now working more on being in the present moment and caring about my current vibration.This leaves no room for any past or imaginery negativity. Thank You Joanie I have been fortunate to work with Joanie on many occasions when I have felt ‘not quite right’ and at times downright despondent. Thank You JoanieWhen I came to Joanie I was so angry at my parents that I was moving out of our family. Thank You JoanieI was thinking of leaving my marriage before I came to see Joanie and after just one session, I was able to totally turn around my thinking about this.
Thank you JoanieJoanie, I appreciate the love, the coaching and wonderful encouragement that you so willingly gave of yourself to me.
Thank you JoanieI have the highest regard for Joanie as a professional and caring therapist. Thank you JoanieI was having so many problems with my obsessive thoughts when I first came to see you. Thank you JoanieBefore I came to see you I was acting up at home and making life miserable for my whole family.

When I read your Emotional Guidance post it took me down a rabbit hole that I won't EVER get out of. Not only is she kind, caring and compassionate but she is one of few therapists who has the experience of ‘having been there herself’. With Joanie in your life you have the courage to go on inner journeys that you would otherwise be too afraid to take on. My first journeys were several years ago, and I was able to look at life in a new way and solve problems I thought I’d never be able to deal with. Your FREE course started right from the basics and finally gave a good picture of what this is all about . I truly felt the power of your words move through my body and mind and affect me to my very core!
I have attended her guided meditation webinars and found them to be extremely enjoyable, beneficial and uplifting. You helped me understand how keeping in the hurt I was feeling was creating so many physical problems for me. Nothing was going well in my life until we did the journey process and I was able to let go of so much anger inside. It seemed like I could not stop thinking about certain things that I did not want to think about. I was trying to medicate the feelings of deep hurt after being abused by my step father for so many years as a child. I was so angry about so many things that I thought I would not live very long because I felt so bad.
The joyous release and state of exhalation is still with me like a ever flowing fountain generating peace and calmness inspite of a very hectic day.Your voice,choice of words and the infectious joyous state radiated across the continents making me feel as if you were holding my hand through the staircase. In essence, Joanie shines the light and guides the way for you to find the path to the real you. She has a way of getting to the core of an issue and providing an effective way to release that issue, the negative emotions attached to it, and the physical symptoms connected to it in any way.

It can turn any situation into a beautiful experience of learning and growing, where before it was fearful. Joanie's guidance led me to a personal issue resolution that had been so long buried, I wasn't even aware of it's existence until that session.
You helped me let go of some deep hurt and that freed me to leave my boyfriend and I soon found the love of my life, a kind and gentle man. With you I was able to let go of years of abuse and come to a feeling of calmness and forgiveness about it all. You helped me let go of so much grief over the death of my father and once I did my arthritis left.
Joanie helped me to take care of myself and to discover the path I needed to take to my next big decision. Working with Joanie taught me how to look at this differently and how to let go of the hurt so that it does not affect me later. She helps you see your blindspots and shift your perspective in a way that is amazingly rewarding.
It can be something as simple as a dispute with a neighbor, tension with a family member, or drama from a car accident – Joanie is extremely skillful.
After trying conventional psychology for years, I found Joanie technique to be way more effective and empowering. The thing I love most about the Journey work with Joanie is that I ALWAYS feel better afterwards. There is always some ‘aha’ moment a genuine feeling of joy and lightness at the end of a session.

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