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Five or six years ago the Law of Attraction was presented to the masses in the form of a bad film.
I think when I first heard about The Secret I had recently finished Think and Grow Rich, and the afterglow had just worn off and I hadn’t really run with it. Somehow, planets had been aligning in such a way that I found myself in front of it last week.
The action is interrupted frequently by whispered, out-of-context quotes from A-list historical figures such as Ben Franklin, Shakespeare, Emerson and Einstein, none of whom probably would have been too crazy about their posthumous involvement in this project. But just because The Secret is profoundly cheesy and easy to dismiss, it doesn’t mean the Law of Attraction ought to be tossed out with same bathwater. 2) Those who believe that the course of the universe, or at least what any one person experiences of it, is altered by one’s perceptions, by their thoughts about it and their intentions for it. So it’s foolish to believe you have any kind of certainty about how the universe goes about presenting itself to a human being. By letting go of our rather misguided certainty that consciousness does not affect the concrete parts of the universe (matter and what it does), then we can be open to moving through our lives as if the Law of Attraction might actually be at work. Your thoughts and intentions may indeed be making a difference in what the universe around you does.
On one level, there’s no question that thoughts and intentions do have an effect on what happens to someone.
It would change how he feels when he wakes up, probably how he dresses, certainly the look on his face and the air of desirablility he carries. For that reason alone it’s worth at least allowing for the possibility that the law of attraction works, if you can suspend your doubt enough to let yourself do that. For the proud skeptics out there who aren’t satisfied with taking an agnostic stance on the law of attraction, one can find more compelling, empirical reasons to believe that consciousness affects and directs the outside world. Science is already showing us that observation invariably affects whatever’s being observed. In 1984 an experiment based on Wheeler’s work demonstrated that how we choose to observe a particle determines not only what it is doing now, but what it did to get to where it is now. Now, none of this proves that visualizing a pile of money will necessarily recruit the entire universe to deliver that pile of money to you, but it does show us that consciousness itself can affect the behavior of the world outside it. This leaves the door open for all kinds of possibilities for the question of what we are creating when our minds are at work expecting, evaluating and visualizing. The LoA crowd seems to be rife with fruit loops, which has naturally made us skeptical of the whole thing. In other words, if reality were indeed subjective, as the LoA camp says it is, then skepticism would naturally create incentives to be skeptical. The bottom line is that we don’t know what our consciousness is doing to the world out there. So in spite of my low opinion of the film The Secret, I’ve been experimenting with acting as though my intentions and thoughts are detectable by the universe at large and that it does react to them. I am also experiencing a consistent bout of optimism — very conspicuous for me, which made me realize how consistently negative my thoughts and expectations are normally. I used to reason that it made no sense to act as though the universe heeded the Law of Attraction unless I knew that it did. If everything is connected and changes with observation then the simple answer is that the LoA does have an effect. It is the way in which the concept of the law of attraction and positive thinking are sold to the public that cause many to dismiss the idea and become cynical.
I think the best approach to this subject is to quickly establish what we know to be rubbish and then talk about what we know to be fact! 1: If we constantly believe with conviction that we will win the lottery and take the positive action of putting it on, it is only a matter of time before we win.
2: If we constantly remain positive, we will never experience misfortune or the loss of loved ones because we refuse to think negatively and therefore will never attract negative events in our lives. When reading through the rubbish list, we see that most of the list is concerned with those things that we have absolutely no control of in life, and so, any idea of our thoughts in anyway controlling or helping to shape the destiny of these events is simply absurd. Their will be times in life were we have no control over the difficulties we face and the pain and anguish that results, but, on the flipside, their will also be plenty of times in life were we do have control, were we do have choices, and these are the times I believe we should all approach with belief, hope, optimism and hardwork! 1) It’s interesting to wonder, though, if maybe our skeptical thoughts have created these crackpots, only to deliver reasons for us to be skeptical.
You are very brave in having this website because there are so many people who to be FOR The Secret and have to accept the damn thing in it’s entirety and not read it with the same objective mind you should use when you read anything. But if you are a hard die believer in LoA, affected by cognitive bias, then please refuse to believe in science.
I think that 400 years of science have proved, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the universe *is* operating according to immutable natural laws. LoA goes far beyond just thoughts and that that think it’s just positive thoughts then all they will have is positive thinking life. A starting point to truly start living life using the LoA is to learn to tame the ego within.
Those of you who want to live a life creating the joyous outcome that you want and desire I will suggest, study the complete works of Abraham-Hicks, read Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, read the books based the lives of great men like the Buddha, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, etc. In light my dear friends, we are within the universe and one cannot exist without the other, mould it your desires as it awaits your command. Lots of people all over the world are fascinated with the lives, lifestyles and stories of celebrities. The universe responds to your thoughts and feelings and brings you exactly what is going on in your mind.A  Unfortunately, most people think and feel as a reaction to the things that are already occurring in their realities. Wouldna€™t it be better if you could find ways to think and feel positively throughout your day so that the universe could bring you more things to be happy about? With this in mind, here are seven steps to take this year to ensure that next year your reality is leaps and bounds beyond where you stand today.

This A new outlook will cut the other person a break, but (more importantly) it will make YOU feel better about the situation, and how you feel is extremely important if you want to master the Law of Attraction.
Meditating for just 10 minutes a day has the power to center you and align you with the frequency of a Law of Attraction master.
Do even a little bit of research on the power of meditation and it will become clear that meditating is something you should be doing daily. So there you have it.A  To start moving your life energy in a positive direction, use these stepsA  this year to help you become a master of the Law of Attraction. Give thanks, give others the benefit of the doubt,A  drop the struggle, turn off the news, give kindness, move mindfully and meditate. Practice these steps daily to feel better (no matter what happens!) and attract a wonderful life for yourself, this year and every year after. If you’d like to learn more about the Law of Attraction this new year, A a membership withA Raise Your Vibration Today might be for you.
The Secret talks about the LOA as having basis in science and cites quantum mechanics as the basis in fact. 4 Give – If you want people to give you things in life you need to be willing to give back or even give first. If you like this post please feel free to share it, check out my other posts and subscribe to my free newsletter for more. Hi, I was born in England and trained as a teacher, tried sales, and management then returned to my first love of teaching. The Science Behind the Law of Attraction : A Step-By-Step Guide to Putting the Brain Science Behind the Law of Attraction to Work for You by Srinivasan Pillay M. So much about the movie turned me off: the presumptuous title, the self-important wax seal motif, the whole new age vibe of it. I did watch it right through and by the end I was interested in the whole Law of Attraction concept again.
Every advance in physics shows us that the universe is far weirder than we had previously imagined. The world’s top physicists are probably more aware of their ignorance than you are of yours.
Unless you claim an airtight understanding of consciousness and its role in the universe, you have to allow for the possibility, at least. A man who is acting as though the universe is poised to deliver his true love is definitely going to be a happier person than he would be if he didn’t believe that. All of these would contribute to his chances of attracting someone, regardless of whether it was his intentions that were deciding what comes along, or whether it was his resulting bright demeanor and posture. You can do experiments in a high school science lab that demonstrate that how you observe matter and energy changes how they behave, even if everything else is the same.
John Wheeler, focused his studies on the biggest question of all: why does the universe even exist? Redirecting ourselves to a different future is easy to imagine, but perhaps with our intentions we’re actively creating a different present, or a different past.
It’s interesting to wonder, though, if maybe our skeptical thoughts have created these crackpots, only to deliver reasons for us to be skeptical.
If life seems to be unfolding as if your mind itself has no leverage over what happens to you, perhaps it’s unfolding that way only because you believe it must.
And the knowledge that you don’t know is a valuable thing, because it allows for more possibilities for you. I recognize that I am actively creating concrete experiences with them, even if it’s only because it changes the decisions I make.
Somehow I used to reason that my thoughts didn’t really matter that much, because my only interaction with the universe is only through my actions. Resoundingly, it makes sense to act as though it does, regardless of your confidence in it. Provided it is already true, then those who believe it is true are not having any additional affect on its truth, as it would have needed to be true to begin with for their faith to engender the law anyway. Is it so outlandish to claim that what you choose to do and believe is directly correlated to the components of your life? This again we know to be nonsense, and falls under the area of our lives that we have no or very little control of in life. This I find to be the most disturbing idea pushed forward by what I would term the lunatics again. It may well seem a little funny at first, but if you have ever watched the dog whisperer (Cesar Millan), you will know exactly where I am coming from.
I had a mate who was not really brad pitt, but was always pretty successful at pulling the birds. For instance refuse to believe that your personal computer was built by using science knowledge, refuse to believe in Newton gravity law, refuse to believe in scientific evidence in general. Which, of-course, isn’t surprising given the fact that the version of LoA presented there makes no farking sense whatsoever. The simple fact is, that if you transform the way you look at the world, your experiences of the world will change and drastically so. The part the so-called skeptics aren’t getting, is that our minds are part of this system. Still a good thing than being a negative person all the time but it will not create the life they want.
Coming from a long career in medicine I concluded I will never know how the universe really works. I just don’t know, and I no longer believe I have a very complete understanding of how consciousness works. I write about what school never taught us: how to improve your quality of life in real-time.

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If you could find a way to think and feel positivelyA regardlessA of your current reality, you would be able to master the Law of Attraction and a new reality would emerge that contained in it everything that you wanted.
Dona€™t be afraid to put down something you dona€™t want to do for a while and do something fun instead.A  If you want toA have a fun and fulfilling life, you must send the universe a message that you expect fun and excitement! Follow your instincts – as I said earlier there are times when you just know that something is wrong.
Do what makes you happy – often people will try and use the LOA to attract wealth so they can be happy. Napoleon Hill was talking about how to Think and Grow Rich in the thirties, and there’s talk of the principle all the way back to before Christ. So I never watched it, and I think its existence alone killed any urge I had to makes something out of Napoleon Hill’s take on it. I saw something in it I didn’t before, and in hindsight I am thankful to have watched it. I had been hoping for riches, fame and uncanny luck my whole life, and whether I got them (I didn’t) seemed to depend on what I did and not what was in my head.
In his work he found that he couldn’t escape the conclusion that for the the universe to even exist, something was required something to observe it. If you’re skeptical, read this article about it, and enjoy at least a healthy chin-scratch. It’s no longer as easy to dismiss as it once was, when we thought time and space and consciousness were much simpler than they really are.
For example, grieving for the loss of a loved one is a very important process in life which involves going through the cycle of many negative emotions and reflections, anyone who tries to block these emotions out for fear of more misfortune is heading for a major breakdown or personality disorder.
Simple, only a few hours ago, I read an article on AOL about a student who found chicken brains in his kfc, and when I was exposed to the picture, I actually vomited!
On countless occasions, Cesar has clearly demonstrated that the way in which dog owners think and anticipate situations is the result they will get!
One night we asked a few of the girls why he seemed to pull alot in what seemed like an effortless manner? Think of me (the ego) and the outside world as two different things, for them, its just an illusion or maya as Buddha said. Even if it is nothing more than a placebo effect (which I doubt), it is still very real – subjectively. And the LoA (in its more sensible versions) is simply one the ways our mind can interact with the material universe – according to natural laws. For myself, I watched the movie the Secret and I too thought it was just a really watered down way of showing people how they can change their lives.
What matters is when you are capable of creating the life you want you do it to the fullest. For me personally, the incidents of patients arresting on the table under general anesthesia verbalizing details occurring during their arrest was difficult to wrap my head around.
Actors, in the throes of dazzling positive intentions, shoot CGI shock waves out of their foreheads into the outside world, presumably to fetch them money, girlfriends and tropical vacations.
Details seem rife with significance, and so I become more attentive and less distracted as a side-effect. I am made up of the same things as the inanimate objects all around me (mostly empty space). Look at how he controls a pack, it is all the result of his positive energy and thoughts that attract the dogs to him and make them follow his commands! With the Law of Attraction, my longing for a better understanding led me into quantum physics and some of the work being done there, which as you mentioned, mimics some of the LoA marketing messages out there. Perhaps because several people used LoA and died faster then the ones who used the mainstream medicine (eg. This phenomenon goes against everything I had learned about consciousness vs unconsciousness under general anesthetic agents, and cardiac arrest.
Tell me, have you ever had a gut feeling that someone is scared or upset, or been made happy simply by being near people who are happy or laughing? Thus, if what we believe to be true affects what IS true about the universe, and there are those who affirmatively believe this law is false, shouldn’t the law become false?
What makes us special as components of the universe is that we have the capacity to recognize ourselves for what we are. Many people also suffer with IBS despite healthy lifestyles, and if you look into this, they know that stress alone can be the single cause of this condition. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that if you are the elephant man you can go out and pull a stunner, just that inner confidence shows on the outside and definetly helps towards the goal.
Universal laws, gravity comes to mind first and foremost, apply to every single thing the exact same way. Einstein said all models of the science and mathematics are just our impression of the nature, a creation of the mind, not the truth. Douglas Harding’s idea that I am the source of everything in my world is the best one I found, thanks to you David. What Napoleon Hill did was new fashion of old wisdom, especially from the Bible and LoA is the lean version driven to money.

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