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I would like to share with You The BEST Law of Attraction, Health, LOA, Healing and Other-Worldly Intelligence Resources that have Helped Me Throughout My Life ofLearning and Healing and Changing and Growing! Another of my well-read, well-worn and well-underlined books is a small little piece called a€™The Greatest Salesman in The Worlda€™, by Og Mandino, printed in 1968.
The Best Resources that I have on Healing and Using Your Mind To Heal Your Body, have progressed from old books to cd's to dvds!
Most Popular Herbal Natural Remedy Solutions for Common IssuesThere are herbal natural remedy options all around us. 100 Cucumber Secrets For HEALTH!You Won't Believe the Amount of Amazing Health Benefits That Cucumbers Have! Alternative Healing Alternatives to Doctors and DrugsAlternative healing can change the way that you think about your health by getting to the root cause of your issues!

Og Mandino wrote a number of very unique and inspirational little books, with the same general idea that You (Can!) Create The Life That You Want. They are Amazing for deep relaxation, meditating, focusing, releasing trauma, losing weight, stopping bad habits, and increasing your energy and happiness and abundance!
So great, because you can just play them while you go about your business, cleaning house, working out, or whatever, tune in when you can, they will find a way to get into your brain and subconscious. He outlines simple but profound philosophies to achieve success in the world's marketplace, so that a wider audience can learn and apply these principles. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity.Today will never happen again. He actually was way ahead of his time, healing people decades before modern science caught up with him.

Seeing a man grow rich, they say, 'How lucky he is!' Observing another become intellectual they exclaim, 'How highly favored he is!' And noting the saintly character and wide influence of another, they remark, 'How chance aids him at every turn!' They don't see the trials and failures and the struggles which these men have voluntarily encountered in order to gain their experience; have no knowledge of the sacrifices they have made, of the undaunted efforts they have put forth, of the faith they have exercised, that they might overcome the apparently insurmountable, and realize the vision of their heart. Campbell was a very well-spoken, well-traveled, well-educated man in a wide variety of subjects and philosophies. You may have some uncertainty as to methods, but you must have none as to ultimate results.
He turned around and challenged Napoleon Hill to interview the 500 wealthiest people at that time, find out their philosophies, and 'determine' and put together a 'simple' Formula for Success.

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