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1, The Secret is the law of attraction! Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. 6, You want to become aware of your thoughts and choose your thoughts carefully and you want to hav  fun with this, because you are the masterpiece of your own life. 8,  The law of attraction says like attracts like, so when you think a thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you.
9, The emotions are an incredible gift that we have to let us know what we’re thinking.
12, There is no greater power in the Universe than the power of love. The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit.
15, That a man can change himself…and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought.

18, If it is a new thought to you that gratitude brings your whole mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the Universe, consider it well, and you will see that it is true. 20, As soon as you start to feel different about what you already have, you will start to attract more of the good things.
21, The daily practice of gratitude is one of the conduits by which your wealth will come to you. 22, It’s the feeling that really creates the attraction, not just the picture or the thought. 23, As you see the picture in your mind and feel it, you are bringing yourself to a place of believing you have it now. You contain a magnetic power within you that is more powerful than anything in this world, and this unfathomable magnetic power is emitted through your thoughts.

If you could wrap every thought in love, if you could love everything and everyone, your life would be transformed.
Whereas before this exercise you might be focusing on what you don’t have, your complaints, and your problems, you go in a different direction when you do this exercise.
The universe will correspond to the nature of that inner feeling and manifest, because that’s the way you feel.
Yes, you might prefer something else and you might get something else pretty soon, if you start feeling grateful for what you have.

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