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Readers of The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple can live the life of their dreams, their "greatest life," by applying Sonia Ricotti's eleven simple steps to enjoy freedom and inner peace in every area of life. The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives what we project into the universe. With The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple, Ricotti successfully strips away the esoterica often associated with Law of Attraction books, to present this universal law in a simple, commonsense, psychologically grounded way. Sonia Ricotti is the CEO and president of Lead Out Loud, a transformational leadership and personal development company.

A group of open minded spiritual people coming together to share, learn and support each other in this journey we call life. Written in concise, plain English and filled with stories, tips, and exercises, this book helps readers shift their thoughts, language, and emotions to emit positive vibrations and attract all they want in life. She is a motivational speaker, a corporate trainer, and a personal and leadership coach in Toronto. We gather to share experiences about the Law of Attraction so we can try out ideas for manifesting what we want to have happen in our lives.

Using the eleven steps in this book, readers stop projecting negative energy and learn to project positive energy at all times. We have been in existence for 5 years and Kelowna residents have asked to have a group that meets closer to Kelowna.

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