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To tap into the law of attraction for love, you must first evaluate your present feelings toward love in general and the relationships you’ve had in the past.  If your spirit is carrying grief, anger, guilt, or other negative emotions, the law of attraction asserts that you will really be attracting those into your life that have the same negative feelings. When you think and feel happy, the law of attraction is at work for you.  Your thoughts help you create your life.
Feel free to walk around saying, “I am very thankful for my awesome soul mate!”  Wake up with passion and excitement daily fully expecting to meet your soul mate that day.  Before you know it you will in fact be face to face with the man or woman who is a vibrational match and ready and willing to share your life with you.

Law of attraction quotes might be old news to some, but guess what, it's still working whether we get it or not. Doesn’t their positivity and high energy make you feel a bit more attracted to their personality?  It makes sense. You could meet him or her at any moment, at any place.  Some soul mates will tell you they met in the most unexpected places!

You are a powerful creator.  Monitor your thoughts on a daily basis and be sure they line up with what you want in life.

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