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Here are more Law of Attraction techniques for tuning your mind and body to emit love so you can harness the power of the Universe when manifesting your desires.
This technique has a lot to do with improving emotional intelligence, which is basically getting your emotions under control. By controlling your responses, you’re slowly changing the momentum of your emotions and body from one direction to another.
3- Third, once you slow down the momentum of your fan spinning in an emotionally negative direction and get it to “neutralize,” then start spinning your “energetic fan” in the love direction by choosing thoughts focused on appreciation.

Although these are Law of Attraction techniques that may sound hard to do, they will become easier as your “fan” starts gaining momentum into the “love” direction.
And it puts you in harmony with the Universe which is one of the 7 laws of attraction that are necessary to manifest your desires. Practicing this Law of Attraction love technique gives your daily affirmations and visualizations fuel to manifest because you’re in line with the harmony of the universe. For example, when you start to feel a negative emotion such as anger, STOP YOURSELF and count to 10.

Appreciate anything that you can think of to appreciate just simply to change your energy to love and appreciation instead of wallowing in anger and other negative feelings. You have to control this emotional outburst in order to keep your rational thinking intact.

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