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Book Theme: An easy way to understand the ins and outs of the LOA, think of it like a college cram session except in a positive way! What Stands Out: The complete Idiot’s style format makes it all so simple also there are side notes, reminders, inspirational quotes and stories of success in each chapter.
Best for LOA beginners or Advanced: Best for beginners-it’s a crash course but I am not a beginner at all and I would still read it again since it’s easy but packed page to page with all of the info needed! Learn Anything New: I learned some new trouble shooting techniques, so often LOA books don’t cover the common problems people face when starting (for good reason since you shouldn’t focus at all on it NOT working) but the truth is from the moment you take in these new concepts you are more than likely going to be working to break down years of conditioning from adulthood such as-you have to have a certain job, your income only comes from one source etc. Would you Recommend: This book I would probably recommend before any other I have read (which is 20+ lost count) the concepts aren’t hard to accept from this writer, everything is very relatable and organized in order that  is most effective! Side Note: I have been entrepreneurial minded for as long as I can remember and was “stuck” many years in dead end jobs which caused me to personally stop growing and living life.
Vision boards. Shimmering visual representations of who we want to be, what we want to have and how we want to feel. Step 2: Define the categories you want represented on your board and start collecting images.
Step 3: If you are proficient in Photoshop, create a new blank canvas (I always go for A3 size) and open your favourite images. I just stumbled across this old post of yours in a frame of mind where I don’t know what comes next and I just wanted to say thank you so much!

I’m Rachel MacDonald: open-hearted life + blog coach, passion-fuelled writer + advocate of creating a life you truly love.
I am now with Empower Network, a business that promotes self growth every day and realizing your FULL potential! As I mentioned previously, mine is stuck on the glass in our shower, facing in, so that I see it every morning and night.
Find a photo of you doing something you love, with a huge grin on your face, feeling carefree and full of joy. I want to hear all about it… you guys are all going to be on fiiii-yah with these new boards — there will be inspiration exploding in every direction! And so in touch with what it is that women want to read about, and what images we want to see. I bought a blank board literally months ago with the intention of creating my vision board, but have been putting it off because I didn’t know where to start!
I LOVE books like these and made a promise to myself never to stop learning and living again! To learn more about my business Opportunity click the link below! The purpose of a vision board is to activate the law of attraction (regardless of your thoughts on The Secret, this stuff is pretty powerful) – that is, the idea that the things we give attention to, we attract into our lives.
Add your own classifications. Tear pages from magazines, trawl websites, Google Images, Flickr, Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration.

There’s no excuses for not visualising my goals regularly when they’re sitting front and centre while I beautify! Stick this in the centre of your board – this represents the way you want to feel every day.
When using the law of attraction to proper effect, we utilise positive visualisation (the art of creating compelling and vivid pictures in our minds) to attract to us the resources, people and opportunities we need to achieve our goals. Women’s magazines in particular are full of catchy slogans so attack that discarded pile in the corner with vigour!
It motivates us, increases our awareness and gives our brains a specific vision of what we want.
Think about making a screen saver out of your board or leaving a copy in the glovebox of your car to read on the way to work. I once had a goal list I devised in January that was so damn safe I’d achieved everything on it by March.

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