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Fast Distribution : Our speedy and useful delivery service means your order will be with you in time period. Alot of reasons came in to play about why we broke up: his friends hated me because he gave me all his attention, one of his exes caused issues, I was insecure and unhappy with myself, and finally we were just downright toxic for eachother. When we broke up I had never felt such pain before, like someone ripped my fucking heart out of my chest.
Of course, being madly in love and desperate, I did all the bad things you shouldn't do. That just pushed him away even more, plus time was running out because he was being deployed to Jordan for 6 months and I wanted to get back together before he left. I made a vision board, visualized us together, and wrote like crazy in my journal about us being together. I tried to believe he would eventually pick up the phone and call me and ask for me back and y'know the typical ex back fantasy. I would read it every night and day, my heart swelled at the thought of this awesome dude sliding into my life.
Every time I read my list before bed, I would have vivid dreams of my ex and wake up with the echoes of his words.

I basically asked him what was I doing wrong and how come my dream guy isn't showing up and can you atleast show him in my dreams? He said every single thing he told me in my dreams and admitted to thinking about me strongly all day every day. The reason I had dreams of him every night was because while he was awake and working, I was in a deep sleep. Anyway, he proved to me he had changed a lot of bad things and wanted to make up for my heart being broken. He told me was so depressed and angry at himself for fucking things up with me and atleast wanted my forgiveness and if I was still into him, my heart.
Now we're together and I am super happy with all the changes made for our new healthy relationship. But yeah, I guess we have a very strong connection if god didn't want us to part ways forever.

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