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If I am not available to take your call, you can always leave a message on my answer machine and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. These cards bring the words of Abraham to life with beautiful colored illstrations to inspire you with the teachings of the Law of Attraction every single day of your life.
This deck contains 60 double-sided cards with beautiful illustrations and the wisdom of Abraham on each one.
According to news and media reports, Diana Alvarez, a nine year old Fort Myers, Florida child, was discovered missing from her home around 7:00 am on Sunday, May 29, 2016. As I write this post, the suspect JG is in custody, charged with possession of child pornography. I have mentioned before, in this post and this one, that I primarily use forensic horary astrology techniques to discover what has happened in missing persons cases.
Because this is a cartomancy blog and not an astrology blog, I will not go into the blow-by-blow details that I was able to pull from careful analysis of the pertinent charts, other than to say there were numerous indications of kidnap, rape and murder, along with disturbing indications of extreme violence. Based on past experience, it occurred to me that perhaps the Lenormand cards could shed more light on the matter.
While the Lenormand Square of 9 was descriptive enough, it did not seem to address the critical question. Following my normal procedure, I selected the base card (bottom card of the shuffled deck), placing it directly below the central (hinge) card of the Lenormand Line of 5. The Lenormand cards suggest Diana may be found in a garden, park, nature preserve or other area where there is lush vegetation (GARDEN).
Unlike psychics (no disrespect intended), I do not base my findings on dreams or visions, nor do I pull information out of the ethers (or my butt, depending on your level of skepticism).
The first step (after familiarizing myself with a case) is always the casting and examination of the relevant astrology chart(s), which are carefully compared to the victim’s natal chart before drawing any conclusions. My son is an emerging artist who’s recently completed his second year of a three year graduate fine arts program out of state. I then found 4 House in the remaining deck and selected it along with the card before and the card after.
I decided to cast a horary astrology chart (a chart based on the date, time and place of the question) to get the answer.
Both astrology charts were confirmed as accurate when the sonogram results came in: Daughter #2 was definitely having a boy!
You can see from the graphics above, I chose to use a basic Lenormand Line of 5, with the addition of the Base Card (the bottom card of the shuffled deck), which is my usual practice.
Very interestingly, the card numbers in this spread added up to 174 which reduces to 12, which equals 12 Children in the Gypsy Witch card deck. Just as the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards predicted, Grandson #3 was born within 25 hours of the card throw. Note: If you’ve missed my previous posts on the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards, you can click on the links below or use the Gypsy Witch link under Categories in the side bar to your right.
If you’re remotely serious about improving your ability to read tarot cards, you must commit to the practice of casting daily tarot card draws and recording them and jotting down your impressions in a notebook or journal dedicated specifically to card reading. Taking the information too personally, especially when your draw contains tarot cards that scare you.
Forgetting that some daily card draws are fairly mundane. The cards could be showing you something as simple as a weather report (literal or emotional). It took me about a nanosecond to realize that Chariot + Tower is a classic combination for an automobile accident. As my anxiety levels multiplied, I found myself grabbing another card to represent the Probable Outcome. The cards pulled in this daily tarot card draw predicted a fatal motor vehicle accident. While my interpretation was technically correct, I took the information too personally, causing myself unnecessary angst.
Because this particular reading left an impression, I probably would have been able to bring those four cards to mind once I saw the news story whether I’d recorded the draw or not.

How are the other cards in your draw modifying the focus card? What captures your attention? While phenomenal luck and all ambitions attained sounded pretty good to me, I couldn’t help but notice that nasty little 3 of Spades with its extremely negative connotations should one be focused on reading the cards as playing cards. I quickly noted that two other cards, in addition to the Significator Card, were highly positive: 24 Hand in Hand in Position 2 (Mindsets, Beliefs, Expectations) and 34 Star in Position 4 (Answer, Solution, Advice). 35 Tower in Position 1 (Basis, Reason, Cause) suggested high ambition or high expectations, and with 24 Hand in Hand in Position 2, I was experiencing belief in my own ability to accomplish my goal. 16 Ship in Position 3 suggested trade or commerce could be an important factor in my endeavors. 34 Star in Position 4 (Answer, Solution, Advice) was fairly self-explanatory, being associated with hope, guidance from above and success. The reading flowed fairly smoothly until I got to the final card, 36 Cat, in Position 5 (Probable Outcome). With three highly positive cards in key positions and no negative cards in the spread, the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards indicate excellent potential for success, which may be contingent on following my own inner guidance system. I mentioned above that the highly positive card Gypsy Witch 10 Pig is associated with the highly negative playing card 3 of Spades (confusion, loss, misunderstandings, a worsening problem, interference, a blockage, etc.).
When performing readings with the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards, pick your approach(es) and use your own discretion, keeping in mind that if you insist on applying everything you know about cartomancy from every single card system you have ever studied, you will surely wind up confusing yourself half to death (3 of Spades) and walking away (2 of Spades) from the spread, beating yourself up over your “inability” to read cards! If you pulled some Lenormand cards to find out whether a missing child was dead or alive and got DOG + BOOK + SCYTHE + CHILD + GARDEN + BIRDS, would you say that child was dead or alive?
But first, I’d like to discuss factors leading up to that particularly grim determination. Over the next several days it became sickeningly clear that a 28 year old male with the initials JG* likely was responsible for the child’s disappearance.
When family members noticed that JG appeared to be inappropriately interested in Diana and Diana appeared to be smitten by his attention, they insisted JG move out. While the astrology was certainly clear enough, I’ve found the cards can often add another layer that is helpful to understanding the dynamics surrounding these tragic cases. We can easily see they went on a road trip (SHIP + ROADS) that ended badly (SHIP + ROADS + SNAKE). Perhaps the roads they traveled were wind-y,  or full of curves, or a round-about route (ROADS + SNAKE). The repetition of cards in spite of vigorous shuffling and re-mixing in between draws did not go unnoticed. Once that’s done, I may or may not throw a card spread or two to gain additional information, as I did here.
You know, like when 18 Dog actually turns out to be a dog, or when 13 Child is actually a child.
In my experience, the base card either modifies the hinge (central) card or clarifies the focus of the reading. 2 Clover ending the Lenormand Line of 5 suggests success and a positive, likely profitable, outcome.
If I had been using a Tarot deck, I would have reduced the sum to a number equaling 22 or less, the number of Tarot cards in the Major Arcana. Naturally, her first question to her astrologer – tarot card reading mother was “What am I having?
On the morning before Grandson #3 was born, having had resigned myself to the probability that he’d be coming later rather than sooner, I poured a cup of coffee and sat down to do my daily card draw. In retrospect, I think the first clue was the playing card insets and images on 21 Stork and 3 House. I typically consider the central, or hinge, card first, in conjunction with the Base Card, to give an overall feel on the theme of the reading. In my 25+ years as a card reader I have not found another divination deck on the market that can match the Gypsy Witch‘s uncanny ability for accurate prediction.

Lenormand herself, I can’t help but suspect some unknown, unnamed protegee was actually responsible for collecting and categorizing Mlle. Your mind might automatically race to worst case scenarios, which, in addition to being a lousy way to start your day, typically don’t manifest in real life. Perhaps they are describing a local or global event that comes to your attention later in the day or week.
We get so used to asking for (and expecting!) relevant, personal information that we tend to forget sometimes the cards just want to give a heads-up on a freak thunderstorm or, as you’ll see below, a fatal accident that comes to your attention.
My mind went directly to myself and my family, including a loved one who would be embarking on a road trip later in the week. After getting a grip on myself, I re-boxed the cards and returned them to some storage container or another, amidst the firm resolution of getting on with my day.
This doesn’t mean you have to ignore other information that reveals itself to you, but if you find yourself second-guessing yourself, go with your first impressions. I decided to temporarily shelve my misgivings and proceeded to examine the remainder of the spread.
This extremely positive association exists in the Tarot and Lenormand Star cards as well as the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards. And not for nothing, cards 6, 29 and 30 did not exist in the spread, giving more weight to my growing conclusion that the message for me in this particular card spread was not negative.
In essence, it seemed to transmit the idea that like a cat, I should pay less attention to what anyone else might have to say about my success or lack thereof (including the Gypsy Witch cards!) and go with my own inner guidance. JG is the DOG (trusted friend, loved one, typically male); Diana is the CHILD and the BOOK is the secret between them.
He’s back in town for a few weeks and the opening reception for his latest art show is this evening. The Stork was on its way, a male loved one (6 of Hearts) soon to be born and come home (House). Lenormand’s secrets and transforming them into the ingenious, if not magickal, card system we know today as the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards.
In those instances you may have correctly interpreted the cards but you probably won’t know it because of lack of feedback. As the Death card indicated, there was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent the tragedy. For example, in a three-card spread consisting of Problem-Solution-Advice, the focus card is the Problem. Furthermore, since I had chosen to use a positional tarot card spread, it made sense to me to examine the cards from a positional standpoint, starting with the Significator (focus) Card which describes the theme or subject of the reading. Since there were no negative cards in the spread, the neutral cards could be considered neutral-positive. For example, if you pulled these four cards as an answer to a question concerning taking a new job in another city, the cards could be suggesting that this course of action (Chariot) might be interrupted (Tower), thrown off-course (Wheel) and come to naught (Death). In a Lenormand Line of Five, decide in advance whether you will use the first, last or central card as the focus card.
All in all, the spread struck me as positive, despite niggling concerns over the highly unfortunate 3 of Spades and 2 of Spades associated with the 10 Pig and 34 Star cards, respectively. The Death card in this example could also suggest you don’t get the job offer in the first place. Regardless of the question, the fact that all four cards in this particular draw are Major Arcana suggests the outcome is out of your control.

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