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The value of the program is MUCH higher, but if you register for the program during our launch, you’ll get the entire training for the amazingly low price of only $297.
If you’d like to pay your tuition in 3 easy payments, you can put $99 down, and pay $99 per month for the next 2 months.
If you answer the poll below while it's posted we will email you a copy of Dan Kennedy's Personality in Copy Report For Free. Please take 2- 3 Minutes to Download this Free Report we have put here for you and make a comment or two about what ya think! And I just came across a small but incredibly Powerful report I wrote a few month's back that you have got to have. Now there are a few of you that may have this already but for the many that don't please do yourself a favor and grab this. It's Dan Kennedy's 8 Big Ideas Speech he gave at the Information Marketing Summit a few year back.

We're repeating some important information here to ensure that you're making an informed purchase.
You will need a Free 3rd-party application that can read the intermediate .acsm file you will receive as download.
Concrete, practical strategies for applying the Law of Attraction to your health, relationships, and career. We've put together a collection of resources to help you make a decision regarding whether you should buy this Ebook from us.
Reviews from Goodreads (a popular reviews site) are provided on the same if they're available. You should be able to transfer your purchase to more than one (upto 6) compatible devices as long as your ebook-reading apps have been registered with the same Adobe ID before opening the file. Preview ebook and open the sample ebook on each of your intended devices before continuing.

Choice of what ebook reading app to use is yours, we only present a few common apps that several customers of ours have preferred. If you've came today during our Pre-Launch phase you have either purchased one of our Reports before or expressed interest. Understand these are Beta Reports and not Fancy but the information stands the test of time. Every person can take real, concrete actions to get the results they want in every aspect of life. These reports are the effort of over 100 hours of hard work gleaming the very best ideas from the Best Guru's in the fields of marketing, self development, and business.

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