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I would quickly like to point out that although spending money on yourself is a great way to get motivated to earn more money, you should not spend money to the point where you go bankrupt. Discover how to create a plan that, when fueled by the urge, will allow you to make more money.
May 26, 2014 by Marc Guberti Leave a Comment Underpricing is a common tactic to use to boost sales. Brendan Burchard’s platinum priced training course makes his books look a lot more attractive. No matter what product you are selling, what niche you are in, or what your business is all about, you need sales in order to make a strong income from your business. There are numerous ways to get sales, but these are the 9 methods that I have used and seen good results. You soul is the epicenter of what happens in your life.Patricia King takes you on a riveting journey through your soul to discover why, and more importantly, how it holds the secret to a life of abundance and success. You also get this 48 minute audio-book, which you can download to your MP3 player and listen to wherever you go. Then, I quickly realize that there is a better way, and ads are not the answer to making six figures every year. Depending on the product you are selling, the price of that product can be anywhere from $1 to $49. A high-priced product gets less sales than an inexpensive product but brings in more commission.
While some of these things are not shared by everyone (being homeless, being in a desperate situation, wanting to save up for college), there is one thing that applies to all of us. Before buying HootSuite Pro, I got very comfortable with making $200 every month which by no means is an income to live by.
In terms of making money, a pat on the back represents you are satisfied with the amount of money you are making. While free giveaways plays a part in this, both of Burchard’s books have over 150 reviews on Amazon (mostly positive). The most successful self-published authors tend to be the ones who publish 1 eBook every month or publish 1 highly detailed eBook every year.
If you want one of your products to get more sales, tell people about the product before it launches. Find people who would be interested in your products and introduce yourself to those people. By being a public speaker, you will be able to talk about your niche and inform people about your product at the same time.

When your soul is aligned with God's promises and purposes, you can possess your destiny and live in the perpetual blessings of God's Law of Attraction.Once again, Patricia King has skillfully crafted a compelling and scriptural presentation. You want this product to be one that generates a high volume of sales so people read your content and become interested in what you have to say.
If you have 10 members who are each paying $100 every month, you would be making $1,000 every month. It is easier to make $1,000 every month selling a $500 training course than it is to sell a $10 book. One powerful urge that will make you want to earn more money is by spending it on yourself.
When I committed to spend $9.99 every month, I realized that I was not making enough money. To sum it all up, we all want stuff, and by purchasing some of that stuff, you will want to earn more money.
However, when you see Brendan Burchard’s books, The Millionaire Messenger and The Charge both at under $15 for both Kindle versions, they look a lot more inexpensive for $2.99 books. In the end, some of the people who buy Brendan Burchard’s $15 books end up buying his $1,997 training course.
Instead of going cheaper, create a platinum priced product that makes the products you already have look a lot cheaper.
The rate in which you create new products and the quality you can produce in that amount of time will determine how many potential sales your product could get. Instead of simply writing a description of your product with the big “Buy Now” button, give people a reason to buy the product. In order to build your credibility, you need to get a strong following on a social network and have a popular blog.
Once a returning visitor buys three of your products, chances are that visitor will buy a lot of the products that you create. Spreading the word on social networks will allow you to get more sales and interact with those customers so you can ensure they come back for your next product. Would you rather buy the product without testimonials, or would you want to buy the product with hundreds of positive testimonials?
People are more likely to buy an author’s book after listening to that author talk about something in your niche for 20 minutes or so. Her time-proven prophetic unction, combined with her theological clarity, draws a definite line of distinction between the counterfeit New Age Law of Attraction that is rooted in pantheism, and the authentic Christ-centered truth of God's Law of Attraction. By having more products available to your potential customers, the more likely they will become returning customers.

You need to have a recurring revenue strategy added to your business plan so you can rest assured that a product is going to bring in more money. You only need two sales for the training course while you need 100 sales every month for the book. In addition, others will want a subscription based product that gives them value so they can avoid an expensive product. This powerful urge will make you put in more work and effort to see your business succeed or for you to get the raise in the company you are in. A platinum priced product is exactly what it sounds like, a very expensive product that will scare some people away because of the price tag alone.
The main reason this happens is because the person who made the product does not know what to do in order to get more sales.
Each time I publish a blog post that references the book, people ask me when it will come out. Here is an example of a persuasive blog post that resulted in one self-published author getting thousands of downloads for his book in less than a week. High priced products make it easier for you to reach certain goals with less sales, but in order to have a high-priced product, you need to put in an immense amount of work and effort.
Finally, there is the high-priced product for anyone who has enough money in their pockets to get the best product you have ever launched (it has to be your best one). I am going to provide the solution and share with you 9 of the methods I implement to increase my book sales. When customers buy into the product, they are also buying into the testimonials about those products.
Having these three products available will guarantee that you get more returning customers and bigger commissions. Having these three products and creating more in the process will allow you to make six figures every year. The three options you have are quality, price, and convenience (although all three in the same business always fails).
I combine quality and price which means I produce quality products and sell them at much lower prices than the competition.

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