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I Have Never Fallen In Love With My Own Voice, But I’ve Always Had An Attraction For It.
I Now Attract To Me Quality, Motivated People Who Make A Positive Decision To Join Me In My Business Endeavor Immediately Today. While I was packing returns at the bookstore where I work, a random book on relationships caught my eye.
The point I took out of the book (henceforth The Book) was that everything we do is motivated by self-interest, so whatever’s wrong in your relationships it’s all your fault for doing what you wanted to. Following the implications of The Secret, apparently all you have to do to be thin is think thin thoughts. Part of Rhonda Byrne’s Secret is that true happiness comes from putting yourself before others. If that was the argument The Book was making, though, the random example I read didn’t defend the position especially well. 1) If we only did things the way our small children wanted us to they’d all be dead, dead, dead.
On some level though, one can argue that how we feel is our motivation for everything we ever do, so we’re always, inevitably acting out of self-interest.
Earl’s list is a wonderfully transparent example of altruistic behavior motivated by self-interest. Unless you’re Earl, it’s probably going overboard to say that it’s all your fault, but there’s something to be said for admitting you did it to get what you wanted. The parallel I drew to ethical egoism was with accepting that people act out of self interest and advocating taking responsibility for what you get as a result.
Of Note ElsewhereAt Chinese American Eyes, Alex Jay takes an in-depth look at Chinese-American comics artist, Chu F.
How fickle is cultural memory, somehow able to misplace the contributions of such an artist, and how amazing is the true story of Kapoor’s career. Obsessive?Then you might be interested in knowing you can subscribe to our RSS feed, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or Tumblr.

I spent less than a minute flipping through it and unfortunately I can’t remember the title, but as far as I could tell the basic message was “it’s all your fault.” Not the “you thought it, you brought it” of The Secret, or the accumulated karmic debt of My Name is Earl. I suppose that means if you’re fat, it’s because you think fat thoughts, assuming you got that far without telling her to go to hell for criticizing your body in the first place. This seems like a similar message to The Book, but I think there’s a difference between saying we’re responsible for what we get because thinking makes it so, and saying that we’re responsible for what we get because we always do what’s best for ourselves. Kids do need some kind of educating to succeed and it’s a parent’s job to help them succeed, but a fancy school isn’t necessary to that goal. In that sense, love and self-interest are inseparable: we try to keep the people we care about safe because their suffering causes us pain and we try to make them happy because it gives us pleasure.
In the pilot of My Name is Earl, he wins $100k in the lottery and then loses the ticket when he gets hit by a car, which he decides is karma telling him to be a better person. The example I cited from the Book regarding the theoretically dead children was to illustrate how if that was actually the point the author was trying to make, she had failed.
The site is updated Thursday afternoon with a new article about an artistic pursuit generally considered to be beneath consideration. His latest book had all the right beats and elements, but what I was missing was the depth of character motivation. And if only that were the sketchiest thing The Secret implies people attract to themselves: cancer or genocide anyone?
How about ‘is keeping all my power tools and poisonous substances locked away in inconvenient places something I do for me?’ No, it’s really annoying for me. Perhaps the author went on to argue that there’s no such thing as altruism because we can only act based on how we feel, and whatever feeling we choose to act on, we’re still motivated by how we feel. He makes a list of all the bad things he’s done and resolves to make them right so he can cross them off his list. He believes that if he doesn’t keep making amends and crossing things off his list, anything bad that happens to him is instant karmic justice. Carol Borden draws out the best in comics, alex MacFadyen and Beth Watkins stare deeply into the screen, Keith Allison probes science fiction and Angela Englert sinks her fangs into horror.

Ain’t nothing wrong with rocking out your favorite and memorable theme songs, especially if they match the appropriate mood you’re in. Note to self: make sure not to think “same wavelength” thoughts about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Rand argues that to both fulfill and sacrifice the self is a logical impossibility, “a contradiction akin to a round square.” She suggests that rationally egoistic individuals benefit themselves by helping others, and help society by focusing on self-fulfillment.
We may feel that we’ve engaged in right action by doing something that causes us pain but is good for another person or appears to be counter to our own self-interest, but arguably we’ve simply chosen to respect the deepest seated feeling we have about the situation: the need to feel that we did what we believed was right. His understanding of karma is a little vague though, since it comes entirely from hearing Carson Daly mention it on tv while he’s on morphine in his hospital bed.
Truthfully though, if karma really did work that way the world probably would be a much better place than it currently is. Now yes, there are such iconic themes like Game of Thrones opener or Star Wars or Mission Impossible, but those are best described as “epic.” Which is awesome, if you are in fact trying to take the Iron Throne in between your statistics classes. He was a major mainstream hero and a stalwart of multi-starrers, a producer of highly-regarded parallel cinema, a player of leading roles in international productions, and a dedicated supporter of theatre.
Over the course of the show, he evolves to a more egoistic state in which he understands that helping other people and helping himself are interconnected, but in the beginning he’s just motivated by the desire to avoid having bad things happen to him.
Almost 50 years before Priyanka Chopra sang for the National Football League on American TV, Shashi Kapoor starred as a gigolo in a romance with Disney child star Hayley Mills in a film based on a Noel Coward story (Pretty Polly, 1967)—but most people don’t remember that, if they ever knew it in the first place. He sees karma as an external force regulating his actions, and he tries to appease it like an angry god.

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