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The law of attraction is the law that says that whatever we ask for and believe with feeling, we will receive. This beautifully designed Journal invites you to fill out a Cosmic Ordering Sheet and request what you would like the Universe to deliver. In order to manifest something, we have to give it enough focus to bring it into the physical AND we have to ensure there are no contradictory or opposite beliefs blocking it.
Or, you may have a strong, almost overwhelming hunch to go and buy a lottery ticket, even though you never, EVER buy lottery tickets. The process of deliberately receiving the life you want depends on your ability to pay attention to the signs the Universe is giving you. The more you pay attention to how you feel about things, the more you practice listening to your intuition and noticing coincidences, the better you’ll get at this. Click here to submit your story, poem, video or other creative endeavor for consideration of publication on the Inspirational Storytellers website.
Hello Readers ¦ If you’re enjoying Inspirational Storytellers and the great stories we are sharing we would like to offer you the opportunity to support us in what we are doing. When our beliefs are limited then we attract limited wealth and continue to live the life we lead, which is limited. As I have mentioned before are brains are just like a computer , we install programmes in our mind and it runs just like a computer. RECEIVE: This is the final and best step of all and is the best feeling as it assures you the law of attraction works.
I became so happy to join you, and i am also thinking that, the law of attraction has started his work for me, because i am serching this type of site to join, thus i got, it’s tremendous. What a great website, very clear and easy to read, I will look forward to reading everything you have taken the time to write etc. I am wanting to remove my addiction to smoking from my life, but it seems to be getting harder harder to let go, could this be due to the fact that I a speaking about it too much, reading stop smoking books etc, as I seem to want to smoke more as if the knowledge is not sinking into my brain.

Smoking is an addiction like any addiction it is a habit and these habits are used over us repeating something. By giving your attention to a thought, you activate that thought’s vibration, and the Law of Attraction will cause more vibrations like it to be drawn to it.
In the elevator, when you met the owner of your company, you had a hunch to tell him about your idea. It’s not so much about thinking your way through life, as feeling your way through it.
In order to bring Inspirational Stories to lift people day by day with positive and hope filled creative stories and art forms, please consider clicking on the affiliate links advertised on this website when you are purchasing products from Hay House, Godaddy and Elegant Themes. We attract the people in our lives, the money in our bank account, the stuff we have in our homes through our thoughts and feelings. Negative and limited belief systems are buried deep inside us (negative programme that runs in our brain).
I suggest you get out a pen and paper and write down all the things that you want and focus on them before you ask. You nee to believe, this can be hard with all the linted beliefs we have had throughout our lives.
The path of least resistance isn’t what is easiest for the Universe (there are no limits on that end, the possibilities are infinite).
I’m not asking you to completely turn off your rational mind, but consider your feelings as equally valid (if not more so) input in your decision making process, especially if the risk of following your intuition is low. Changing and reinstalling new programmes and old habits that defeat you in every step of your life can be hard. We automatically think this wont happen and that is the bug we have installed onto our computer(brain).
It sounds easy but we are surrounded by negative messages – just turn on the news and it is all focused on that.

He loves the idea, puts you in charge of the new division created to build and distribute the product and one year later you get a bonus check for one million dollars.
But what happens if you don’t listen, if you freeze up and let fear keep you from having this conversation? A visualization board is also a good way to focus I will be posting a blog soon on this topic so stay tuned. So in order to focus on positive beautiful emotion we suggest that you implement gratitude in your daily life. If I think about a million dollars with laser like focus, will I just wake up one morning and find a huge pile of cash in bed next to me? This is why negative beliefs have the ability to block your manifestations – they vibrate at a different, often opposite, frequency to what you want and basically shut down avenues in which you could receive those items. So by implementing this law into your life then you can live the life you have always dreamed off.
If you are up for deleting all the negativity in your life and living the life we all deserve subscribe to the site and I will guide you every step of the way. Our gratitude products keeps you focused on positive feelings and thoughts thus bringing you good things in return. So we can create our own realities by thinking of the things we want in life in order for them to materialise. Focus your thoughts and tune in to a more positive attitude filled with gratitude and abundance.

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