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Fifty-nine percent of those who mentioned at least one physical trait as the reason for their attraction were violent again after the program, compared with 39 percent who did not mention physical traits as a reason.
This type of offender was also more likely to mention their own needs as reasons they were attracted to their partners. This is the first study to ask men who abused an intimate partner the reasons they were attracted to that partner.
The researchers used responses from 181 offenders during a program intake interview that asked "What attracted you to your partner?" Reports of violence after the program were based on police records and interviews with the men's partners. Twenty percent of the reasons given by the men focused on their own needs, such as their need for acceptance and companionship. As the researchers expected, those whose attraction to their partner focused on their own needs scored higher on personality tests of emotional neediness. Those who tended to mention nonphysical traits had lower scores on personality measures of antisocial traits and aggressiveness.

The study, which is co-authored by U-M students Jennifer Kurko, Kirsten Barlow and Colleen Crane, appears in the September issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
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They had histories of very severe forms for violence?throwing their partners and hitting them with objects.
Other research has found that abusers tend to choose women who are smaller in size than the average woman.
Sixty-six percent of the total number of reasons given centered on their partners' physical traits, for example her "looks" or "smile"; 70 percent were for nonphysical traits, like communication style and being outgoing or caring.

Much less often, reasons centered on what the men had in common with their partners (12 percent) or on their partners' needs (4 percent). The violence history of these men was characterized by screaming, smashing objects and driving recklessly to frighten their partners. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.

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