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And I threw them both together while mixing up some cool sixties trippiness, rough sketchy pencils, modern digital colouring and Michael Caine. Honestly, I'm not sure if what I ended up with isn't a bit of a mess, but there it is anyway.
Annoyingly, just as I was putting the finishing touches on this, I discovered a Kingsman movie poster competition that had ended just over a week earlier. I'm always open to comissions, but don't worry, I won't write anything if you only want the pictures.

Less annoyingly, some of them are absolutely brilliant so I spared myself the shame of failure. It's soul purpose does seem to be as entertaining as possible and it pulls it off well. I've been looking at doing something in this style for a while, Kingsman seemed the perfect opportunity. Thanks for holding off on the posting without permission, most people don't even consider it.

Since their activity is outstanding, they typically seem in news sections from newspapers and every one over the net.

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