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Speech and language are a part of what makes humans different to any other living creature. Words and stories are now delivered digitally on mobile devices that can be taken anywhere at anytime. I remember falling in love with words through reading novels that took me to faraway places.
Books with compelling words jumbled together creatively provide stories that can be an escape hatch to avoid the boredom of a doctor or dentists waiting room. We often fall into the trap of  trying to be too intellectual and forget that simple is best. According to Steven King, the first common tool that you should have as a writer is vocabulary. Seeing that we are all now publishers on a social web, it is important to develop our skills to engage our audience with words.
On the social web with time poor readers, making sure you write headlines that attract the first click are vital whether that is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.
The free tool from the Advanced  Marketing Institute for analyzing your headline uses three key spheres which are dependent  on your audience.
Here are the 3 key spheres that they consider you will need to take into account when constructing a headline as well as using these types of words in your writing. These are words which are especially effective when offering products and services that require reasoning or careful evaluation. These are words which havethe strongest potential for influence and often appeal to people at a very deep emotional level.
Remember it is a free tool, so I am intrigued to discover your experiences on whether it is sharp or blunt instrument. If this post achieves one thing, of making you think carefully and creatively when writing your headline, then that is a good thing. Developing new and exciting article topics, titles and inspiring headlines can be challenging for content marketers due to the overwhelming amount of existing online content. I wonder, would you be willing to review the book that I’m on the verge of publishing to help people become more powerful writers? Given that I only started writing anything for public consumption just before Christmas and have no formal tutoring in the subject, I’m pretty proud of that.

Without leaving my suburban home I was transported to tropical lagoons, sunken treasure and  turquoise ringed atolls. My cousin who was two years older than me accused me of intellectual verbal snobbery and he was right!
Some people have enormous vocabularies, but it isn’t what you have, it is how you use it. We can use new technology mediums such as videos, images, photos and audio podcasts. The reality is that words are still the core foundation to communication despite the attractive shiny new multimedia toys.
I will be testing this out to see if it makes a difference in the number of views for blog posts and such. Apparently my headlines are intellectually and spiritually empathic, with a score that puts me in with most copywriters. I think headings are definitely an important part (if not the most important part) of writing a blog post. This has to tap the emotions first to get them to take the next step…read your article. I was briefly playing around with the tool and used the same headline, but selected a different category. And just like a locomotive, your writing may take some real effort to get going.How to Regain Your Writing HabitsSo how do you do it? As I’m fond of saying, we all struggle because we almost never manage to create things good enough to satisfy our very refined taste.
Ira Glass says it like this:“Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me.
No matter if your train is already chugging along or currently still on the tracks, it’s time to declare this as your year.
Don’t forget to comment on three other declarations of self-forgiveness and courage, too!
ElizabethI will try, as you say Sarkis, to write everyday even if a log of what I have been doing. Sarkis AntikajianYes, Elizabeth, in doing so there is a chance that one thing may lead to another. Cheer’s, Ruthanne, may you have a special year, too, and thanks so much for your post.

Good!)It’s been over a year since I last worked on a new manuscript for a variety of reasons. So glad you added the bit about the slow starting of a train before it reaches peak momentum. I agree that once I started thinking along these lines, somehow I felt motivated to write again. I do need the courage to re- read and finish my 2014 nanowrimo novel even though I’m stuck. Even if it means writing something new, or taking your novel from a completely different point of view. I am so glad I read this as it has encouraged me to start a new class on Writers Village University and begin working again. ElizabethTerence Verma thank you for your idea of …usurper of thoughts being put on the back burner.
DiyaSainiInspiration is an important ingredient for any writer, whether his train is on the track or chugging towards it’s journey.
I have the beginning and end, as well as some of the middle, but I have a long way to go to make this ms ready for an editor.
I told the editor I would have it to him in March or April so I really need to get crackin’!
This year, I made a new goal to not so much write every day, but to write for fifteen minutes.
I was really thrilled about it only to be completely demotivated by the friend’s comments.
You can also get the free newsletter here.Start Writing Again Today!Join over 350,000 people who have said NO to procrastination and also receive a free copy of the eBook, 14 Prompts.

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