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Together, we're "built for speed", meaning you get the keys you need at the locations you need faster than any company in the world.
With so many vehicles changing hands, auto auctions are especially sensitive to the rising cost of replacement keys. From corporate fleets big and small, to Federal, State, and Local fleets and motor pools—we’ve got the experience to handle all varieties of fleet vehicle key replacement. Keys with sophisticated technologies, once reserved for luxury cars, are becoming standard equipment on every vehicle—even on bargain brands. Car Keys Express has a highly-specialized purpose—onsite key replacement using the most advanced keys.
We’re the only mobile key vendor that’s also a key manufacturer and world leader in emerging key technologies.
The future of car keys brings even more advanced technology with no end in sight, adding uncertainty to your key replacement efforts. Key replacement is by far the most technologically challenging element of the reconditioning process.
Car Key Express offers clients a unique choice of new OEM keys, the highest quality aftermarket keys, and reconditioned OEM keys.
Our Research and Development division leverages technology, creating proprietary processes enabling us to dramatically reduce costs.
Unlike other key vendors, Car Keys Express manufactures a line of aftermarket versions of hard-to-find replacement keys and remotes. According to Google’s Consumer Survey, 30% of holiday shoppers start their holiday shopping before Halloween, and nearly half of them plan to purchase gifts online. With over a billion Facebook users and desktop users spending an average of around 6 hours every month on Facebook, this represents a prime environment to reach your target audience throughout this year’s holiday shopping season. Twitter’s retargeting platform is another new channel that can help power holiday promotions.
Another important trend impacting this year’s holiday planning is the proliferation of devices. The holiday shopping season marks one of the year’s largest periods for consumer price hunting, which is why smart marketers begin their ad targeting for the season earlier in the year.
Plan specific retargeting campaigns for major holiday shopping events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the day after Christmas, etc.
Apply search data to your ad targeting strategy to influence consumers and push them further down the purchasing funnel. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
Lionel White is VP of Technology Operations at Magnetic, and is responsible for spearheading the company’s infrastructure, QA and technology operations.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. Jim Snediker shares his take on how to start a successful clothing brand that’s made in the USA. A renaissance around Made In USA apparel is inspiring many designers to start businesses centered on domestically-manufactured clothing. I’m not just a fan of the Made in America renaissance going on right now, I’m a very active participant and advocate, and one who has spent a large portion of his life over the last 2.5 years inside an actual factory.
Working out of a factory has also given me an upfront view of how many people get into this industry with absolutely no clue what it’s going to take to build a brand that is even remotely successful. Of course, things have changed and we’ve evolved over these two years, but the core mission of the brand has remained the same.
What I’ve seen more of, even more than people wilting under the pressure of actually executing on the day-to-day grind of starting and building a brand, is people that think just because they’ve decided to start a clothing brand and slap a “Made in USA” label on there that they’re going to start selling hand over fist. The fact is, its very, very difficult to start a business, any kind of business, that even sniffs success.
That’s not to say in order to be successful you need to have disruptive price points, or a Stanford Business School Grad running the show. Wolf Commercial Real Estate, the foremost South Jersey commercial real estate brokerage firm with expertise in Southern New Jersey commercial real estate listings and services, is now offering South Jersey retail space for lease in The Crossings at Twin Oaks in Sicklerville. This Southern New Jersey retail space for lease at 649-675 Berlin-Cross Keys Road Sicklerville NJ is located in a retail strip center on the heavily traveled corner at Berlin-Cross Keys Road and Johnson Road, providing maximum daily exposure to thousands of potential customers.
Other tenants in this Sicklerville retail space for lease include Rite Aid and Roger Wilco.

More than 142,000 residents and potential customers live within a five-mile radius of this South Jersey retail building for lease at 649-675 Berlin-Cross Keys Road Sicklerville NJ. Wolf Commercial Real Estate is a leading South Jersey commercial real estate broker that provides a full range of Southern New Jersey commercial real estate listings, marketing commercial offices, medical properties, industrial properties, land properties, retail buildings and other South Jersey commercial properties for buyers, tenants, investors and sellers.
As a visionary KW steps up to the need to work a€?out of the boxa€? in looking for opportunities to correlate multiple products and services and expand business, look for better ways to run an IT staff and bring Alumni sponsored programs to Portland that benefit the members rather than to operate in a a€?cluba€? atmosphere. He is the sole founder of one business which was successful and profitable for twelve years and co-founder of a second business which is in its thirteenth successful year. Leading up to business ownership were responsible positions in banking and retail that included IT Management, Consultant, Project Manager, Sales and Marketing. KW has been directly responsible for finding and getting professionals for IT and other disciplines hired for over thirty years including 10 years as a professional recruiter and 8 years as Stake Employment Specialist. His management style is to involve employees (or volunteers in the case of community and Church work) in tasks they do best, challenge them to grow by adding new assignments and then giving them room to develop while providing the necessary training and support. His work as an organizer began as President of a campus Computer Club at BYU, with the first ever Computer Week on campus in 1971. We’re revolutionizing the way car rental agencies handle key replacement by offering a breakthrough solution to the high cost of replacing keys for fleet vehicles, with prices typically 40-70% less than traditional vendors or car dealership service departments. Look inside to see what makes Car Keys Express America’s fastest-growing dealership vendor.
We’re a nationwide company serving thousands of retail and fleet operations from coast-to-coast. Each year your vendors have you paying more for keys, while they’re increasingly unable to stock all the keys you need. We’ve developed a unique, time-tested and market-proven business model which allows us to charge 40-70% less than traditional vendors. Insulate yourself from future rising key costs by partnering with a proven global technology leader.
We have you covered, because we’re uniquely dedicated to low price, high performance key replacement for today’s vehicles, and tomorrow’s. From the increasing technology built into keys, to the specialized computers used to program them, now more than ever it pays to go with a true specialist.
No other provider in the industry meets the level of technological commitment as Car Keys Express. Now, you can be insulated from the high cost of replacing keys—today and into the future. Today’s shoppers utilize various online and in-store channels to browse and purchase. Given this knowledge, marketers today should be looking to audience data to help them determine consumer interest and predict shopping intent digitally. Google released data stating that consumers are using multiple devices to power their holiday purchasing decisions — 63% claimed that they used multiple devices to help with their holiday shopping, while 66% said they relied on their smartphones and tablets more frequently for shopping during the holiday season.
By reaching relevant audiences earlier in the holiday shopping cycle, retailers can gain a competitive advantage in the crowded market. Advertisers should start executing holiday campaigns as early as mid-September to October in order to begin influencing brand preference before prime time holiday shopping season.
Blaming ignorance isn’t entirely fair…we had absolutely no clue how hard it would be either.
We offer premium men’s clothing that is entirely made in the USA, and by bypassing traditional middlemen we offer it at a price point that is competitive with brands like J. The fact is, there’s a million “makers” out there doing the same thing as you, and most consumers are more inclined to shop at a fast fashion store, or spend big on a name brand.
It’s a lot harder to start a clothing brand that isn’t really saying or showing anything new. Brands like Rag & Bone, Engineered Garments, Todd Snyder and Junya Watanabe have gotten big based off a combination of killer design, hard work and great connections. The point I’m trying to make is that if you want to make a living off your brand, you can’t simply be.
This Southern New Jersey retail space for lease in The Crossings at Twin Oaks at 649-675 Berlin-Cross Keys Road Sicklerville NJ is being offered for immediate occupancy through Wolf Commercial Real Estate, a South Jersey commercial real estate broker that specializes in Southern New Jersey commercial real estate listings and services. This South Jersey retail space for lease is within close proximity to Kennedy and Virtua hospitals. The average household income in the same area near this Southern New Jersey retail space for lease is $88,703. Please visit our websites for a full listing of South Jersey commercial properties for lease or sale through our South Jersey commercial real estate brokerage firm.

He builds relationships through personal networking regardless of personal, community or professional function and lives by the a€?abundance mentalitya€? so well described by Steven Covey. This event attracted great attention from students and faculty of all disciplines to see and touch displays provided by many local businesses and departments on campus. Our huge buying power and super-efficient operations means the lowest possible prices–guaranteed.
As America’s only discount mobile key vendor, Car Keys Express has a single purpose: provide you the industry’s greatest selection and our unique Guaranteed Lowest Prices. This gives Car Keys Express a huge competitive advantage resulting in guaranteed lowest prices for our clients. These ads deliver consumers engaging messages and also come with the power of social sharing amongst their Facebook friends, creating additional brand exposure.
It will be interesting to see which brands successfully leverage these social retargeting platforms during notable events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Given this, the challenge for marketers will be how they can apply effective targeting and keep ad messages relevant as consumers migrate from their desktops to mobile phones and tablets. If you aren’t saying something new or doing something unique, you need to re-examine your plan. However, we started Stock with a clear reason of what differentiated us, why people would be interested in buying our stuff, and how we would go about selling. If your plan is to sell $195 oxford shirts, $150 leather wallets, or $90 polos with a bear embroidered on them because everyone on your lacrosse team called you Grizzly, you better be well connected, well funded, and really damn good.
Just doing what other people are already doing and hoping that’s going to be enough rarely ever is.
This retail space in South Jersey is available through Wolf Commercial Real Estate, a South Jersey commercial real estate brokerage firm with expertise in Southern New Jersey commercial real estate listings and services. His keys to success in both businesses were finding the right partners, hard work and changing the business as needed. Each demonstrated their uses of, plans for and research into this newly emerging technology.
Our clients enjoy the ease of working with a single company rather than a multitude of small outfits. I’ve dealt with die sets breaking snaps, fabric showing up damaged, buttons getting lost, and operators calling in sick for a week in the middle of a rush order (they’re all rush orders). We recognized that vertically integrating with a factory was a huge asset to us from both the branding and business sides of things, and we put a strategy in place to build a leading menswear brand on top of the history and heritage of our factory. Just be aware, you need to be REALLY good, work REALLY hard, and that your odds of succeeding are MUCH better if you were previously a designer at a big fashion brand, or have a bunch of friends at GQ. There is both monument and above-store signage available to tenants at this South Jersey retail building for lease. KWa€™s primary role in both businesses- business development which he does through building relationships and generating business referrals, otherwise known as Rainmaking. Co., is a men’s lifestyle brand that designs, develops, and manufactures every item of clothing we sell in America, the vast majority right here in our Chicago factory.
I know the thrill of having a huge day of sales, and the crushing disappointment of just one customer having a bad experience. For us, Made in USA was a differentiator, but not the sole defining characteristic of our brand. But, even with all those variables in place, the odds of success are extremely tiny, and there are very few people in the world that have a meaningful combination of all those advantages.
If you want to make things in America, that’s fantastic, but remember; you’ll be selling to, and competing against, other Americans.
Most recently KW published a 312 page family history of his parents and completed a two-day, three-event Portland Symposium for Mormon Studies with nearly 350 in attendance at three locations.
We knew there had to be more to our story than “We’re Made in America” if we wanted to build a brand that mattered.
America is a country born of innovation and capitalism, and at no point in American history has someone truly succeeded by just doing what everyone else was already doing.
Our founding team’s backgrounds consist of design, sourcing, development, retail buying, sales, marketing, and of course, manufacturing.

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