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A uniform trend is witnessed across the world where people are keen on making money rather than creating wealth.
There is a clear distinction between the two, said Efftronics Systems Pvt Ltd Managing Director, Mr D. But where the real power lies is with the business ‘adolescents’ – those companies that have grown enough to hire full time staff, to be part of a supply chain and to pay taxes, but which are still small enough to be agile, imaginative and hungry. Germany stands out in wealth creation, more than the US which is much bigger in size than the former. Germans invest on development of assets and their development plans are phenomenal,” he added. Those businesses that are started for the wrong reasons (to sell or to make a profit, and therefore without the passion and persistence that is essential for success) can be recognised a mile off and will ultimately fail.

Education must teach us best practices but students don't seem to be interested in accumulating knowledge,” he added. Whilst freelancers can help grow a business, if a business is to establish a culture that can support growth, then staff must be on the payroll.Focus relentlessly on the problem you solve for your customerIt is extraordinary how many companies build a glossy marketing spiel, a trendy website and a great sales pitch without any consideration for the customers that they are trying to reach.
Those that succeed build a firm knowledge of the customer and the problem that they are trying to solve.Advice, advice, adviceA team that gives advice and support is a crucial indicator of success. The savvy founder will recognise early what they don’t know and will build a team around themselves to fill the gap.Knowing yourself The inspirational founder that gets a company to a critical point of growth also knows when to back off, make other hires, prepare to take on a new role that plays to his or her strengths or, indeed, to exit entirely. Leave normal behind and start listening Euro 2016: Excuses employers can expect for staff absence during England vs. However, the time will eventually come when a business owner will decide it’s time for them to shut up shop and move on from the business they helped shape.

Real Business spoke with LDN Muscle co-founder Tom Exton about the story so far – and how he fits in his full-time job as a city banker alongside running a profitable company. This, the investment team said, was crucial for the company to realise its ambition of becoming a $1bn business within a few years.
Sophie Lord, Landor’s executive director of strategy, discusses the implications for global brands.
This massive number makes sense – starting a business is filled with countless unknowns and every bit of advice helps.

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