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The famous book, Think and Grow Rich (click for a free copy), by Napoleon Hill was the first manuscript that provided Jerry Hicks with answers to his never-ending questions.
Although Jerry felt strong negative emotion towards Ouija boards, his compulsion to find answers to his burning questions led him to a Ouija board session with a group of friends that were insisting he join them. The closer we get to knowing the 'Non-Physical', the fewer words we have for clearly expressing it.
Jerry found Seth Speaks way up high on a shelf in the metaphysical section of a library in Phoenix, Arizona.
His first question to the board was " How can I become truly good?" The board spelled R-E-A-D.

I was sad for the loss to the physical realm, but I wasn't at all sad for Jerry as I knew he would be even more joyous than he was on this plane - if that's possible! Prior to communicating with Abraham via Esther, Jerry had a never-ending stream of questions for which he searched for answers, in most cases unsuccessfully.
Like many of us, prior to learning about how the world really works through the Law of Attraction, Jerry was looking for the one absolute truth that he could base his life on. I like to think the message was from Jerry as he was at the forefront of my thoughts at the time.I especially enjoyed the note Esther wrote about Jerry's death. Although the Seth material felt right to Jerry, Esther was frightened by the book, due to the way in which the information had come to be written and also due to the photo of Jane in a trance on the back of the book.

These links will open a new page and redirect you to Jerry and Esther's website.As expected, Abraham has received many questions about Jerry's transition. Not everyone was succeeding the way Jerry thought they would through his teachings based on Think and Grow Rich.

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