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Excellent job on your re-write.  Thank you for looking over the comments and using them to improver your writing. Again, you used very descriptive writing and told a good story.  Your first three paragraphs were particularly strong. Good job on following my comments and coming up with a thesis sentence.  This helps to guide the reader by knowing what your essay is going to be about. The overall flow of your essay works very well.  You tell a complete story from beginning to end and use suspense to help make your story interesting. You had several run-on sentences in your writing.  To check for run-on sentences try reading each sentence out loud to yourself and listen for natural pauses that occur when you are reading. Re-state your thesis in your concluding paragraph using different words.  Simply by stating that this was a time you did not know what was happening, it reminds the reader what your essay was all about. This kind of program is actually helpful for many students especially in helping them up in improving their skills in essay writing.
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I have been so pleased with not only the improvement in her grades while working with her tutors but also the personal attention and dedication by the owner of the company in making sure that they are doing all that they can to bring about positive results. Instructors want to make sure that their students are working as hard as they would have in a physical environment. Not only have my daughter's grades improved in a couple of challenging subjects but her belief in herself and her abilities has increased with the knowledge of new techniques and encouraging words shared by her tutors. Our writers have impressive college educated backgrounds, so writing good college essays is really second nature to them. I think what my daughter also enjoys is the fact that her tutors really are passionate about the subjects they teach and their true commitment to giving her all the tools she needs to not only pass her classes but excel. I highly recommend the Tutoring Solutions to any parent out in the inland empire area who is looking for an answer to help their child succeed in their studies and feel better about themselves.

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