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Hong Kong is a major international city in Asia, and a vibrant metropolis which blends the varied cultures of the East and the West. Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government department charged with encouraging and facilitating foreign investment into the city by providing all the support for enterprises or investors to invest here. InvestHK is the award-winning Hong Kong Government department that promotes the many advantages of Hong Kong as a base to locate a business; and assists overseas enterprises establish and develop their presence in the city. InvestHK offers free investment promotion, facilitation and aftercare services to ensure that companies have all the support required to establish or expand operations in the dynamic Hong Kong economy.
Whether it is information provision, site visits, business matching, or interface with government departments, InvestHK provides tailored and comprehensive inward investment support services to prospective and existing foreign investors.

Supplying the latest information on Hong Kong's business environment and investment regime, including comprehensive economic sector profiles, business incorporation advice, contacts for different aspects of business including human resources and information on the availability and cost of land, factories, offices and housing.
Assisting investors in dealing with government departments on matters such as visa applications, trade mark registration, fire and environmental protection requirements and business incorporation.
The diversified Hong Kong society has cultivated a creative and dynamic business culture as well as an excellent investment environment making Hong Kong the ideal location for overseas and Mainland investors to expand operations beyond their shores. We help as many foreign enterprises as we can, regardless of the size of investment or their sector.
In essence, InvestHK provides an efficient and effective means of completing then implementing your business plan.

Arranging meetings, site visits and calls on government departments as well as trade and industrial support organisations.

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