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One of the more curious aspects of social media is the sheer number of inspirational quotes posted on Facebook and Twitter. As I wrote about in “The Bloodbath Begins,” I’m currently in the process of culling down my Facebook friends in order, hopefully, to make the social media experience more meaningful. I’m also reviewing the people I follow on Twitter, planning to retain only those whose tweets are genuinely interesting or useful.
Worse yet, they can display a callous disregard towards the true complexity of human existence. But assuming for the moment that there is such a thing as the self, it’s nonetheless presumptuous to assume that being yourself is easy.
Fact is, to truly know ourselves or be ourselves is probably the most difficult thing we can ever attempt.
And those who post “be yourself’ quotes must understand this, even if it’s on a subconscious level. I can’t help but think that thes quote-posters are somehow fantasize that quotes are actually their own. Then there’s the depressing question of why so many of feel the need to be motivated at all.

I might not take to them, but they almost always get scores of Facebook “likes.” Being an inspirational-quote-tweeter can also get you thousands of followers. Oddly, the following quote, a paraphrase of something said years ago by pioneer movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn, both energizes and relaxes me. David Intrator, President of Smarter Storytelling, is a writer, filmmaker and musician based in New York City. Something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create is called inspiration.
Absolutely beautiful, so pleased I came across your site when I not only needed to help uplift a sad friend but it gave me a wonderful sense of calm & inspiration. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Scientists, psychologists, philosophers and others have also long debated whether or not there exists a single unitary self. If you’ve have any experience in politics, whether its electoral or organizational, you know that being authentic is often the worst strategy you can employ and that inauthenticy is more often the key to success. Poster:  Who the hell are you to identify yourself with Gandhi or Shakespeare? Who are you to tell me how to live?

In life if anyone gets dishearten then a line of inspiration and inspirational quotes give them a new energy and a new thought because a line of hope can make the people innovative. Would it be possible to use them on Face Book, I have been using another source and thats now exhausted If you approve I would be happy to have your reference attached as the author if you wish. I imagine only a handful of our greatest artists or spiritual geniuses have even come close.
And don’t forget Dale Carnegie, who encouraged us to fake our sincerity in his classic How to Win Friends and Influence People.
And, sadly, many of them may have never quite made it to the self, or when they did finally arrive, discovered there was nothing there.

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