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Little upbeat quotes posted on-line were a huge help when I was coping with my  severe illness. I’ve always set myself hard physical challenges to help me progress improve, as much as possible. However, these words of wisdom on my beloved social media also really helped me to achieve my aims, rise above and stay calm.
Social media became my emotional support and crutch, as I scoured Twitter and Facebook for positive quotes each day.
More and more people from around the world began drawing strength from my inspirational quotes too!

Well the fear of being sued prevented me going ahead with the ebook, but I chose 12 of my favourite ones for this uplifting blog. Congrats on handling the logistics of your move - you did it, whether people contributed or not.
But so sad to see this post---- John, you've been a great help and inspiration to me and Bob and so many others! When we moved my MIL, it turned out that there were 2 huge challenges: pulling bubble-wrap squares off the second roll (the first was easy using one arm, one foot and my knees. There are many people which could not walk considering that they might have meet with the crash which make them disabled the factor may be anything.

BTW, I'm at about 6.5 years for barbpolansrecovery, and aiming to keep going until I can use my hand to row again. His eyes dont fully open but at times he looks at his family members and then goes back into the COMA.

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