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Motivating an athlete is somehow difficult to do and many trainers are trying their best on encouraging their athletes to continue their training in the gym and make it possible to win whatever competition they have.
This quote, from the famous basketball player Michael Jordan, means that a person doing his or her regular workout will be motivated on making use of all discouragements as his or her key of achieving triumph.
Words from baseball player Derek Jeter just says that you should never think that there are people better than you are. The quote from the great boxer Muhammad Ali just means that training is an essential part of being a champion.
Hockey player Gordie Howe just shows that games are not all about winning, it is how you give your best in every game that you have.
A quote that can change your mood towards accepting failure and using it as your key in getting an achievement more than what you expect is what Matt Biondi a 3-time US Olympic champion can do to motivate you.

Achieving success is difficult, but with keeping an athlete well-motivated from training to their games is sure to help them aim for achievement with hard work and persistence. As an effective way of motivating athletes, quotes from athletes are really helpful in keeping them focused with succeeding on their chosen sport and keeping them going in this field-win or lose. Negative things that people are saying should be used by athletes as their way of doing their best with their sport and prove these people wrong by earning achievements throughout their career.
People have their own individualities and as one of the people who have their own talents, you should never think about others doing better than you do. Cutting back on your cardio exercises because you think it is not necessary just means that you are already quitting. The quote is an effective motivation for players who forget to give their best during games and just focus on winning.

It is a quote that can give you the motivation to win and do your best despite the failure that you may encounter with just using complete persistence, training and hard work.
Working out continuously is the best thing that you can do to make sure that you are always prepared to win any competition. As you train you are teaching yourself the discipline to win, and doing your best in every training session will make it possible for you to win every fight or competition you have. Sometimes, winning is not all that matters, it is following what you are supposed to do in full effort and being able to accept whatever the result is.

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