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In the journey of your life, may you count your successes with each passing Birthday and may you never have to look back on any regrets of your life.
Your Birthday is God's way of reminding you that you have many more big things to achieve and very little time on your hands. Make us all proud by doing things that truly spreads the purpose of your life to the people around you. Good Morning Messages for Colleagues: This inspirational post is full of motivational quotes that drive home the point, that every single day has the potential to make a life changing impact on your career. 2) The only contagious thing that everyone in the office looks forward to catch, is your infectious smile. 4) May the rays of the morning sun give you the energy to squeeze out every last drop of your talent and ability to rise above the rest. 5) Every sunrise is life’s way of saying that no matter how dark a past you’ve had, there will always be a new beginning out there… as long as you’re willing to persevere, take a step forward and do the right thing. 7) Monday morning blues, become vibrant Monday morning hues, when I have colleagues like you. 9) Learn and work as if it is your first day in the office, but behave as if it is your last – that’s the secret to carving out a successful career.
12) That lucrative promotion, amazing perks, big assignment, money-spinning deal and massively rewarding project will be all yours, on one condition – wake up, smile and give it everything you’ve got. 14) Whether it is Monday, Wednesday or Friday, as long as I have colleagues like you, it will always be AwesomeDay.
16) Just like how hard work is the foundation for success, a productive morning is the foundation for a great day at work. 18) Failures, setbacks, weaknesses – none of these can stop you as long as your desire to succeed overpowers the negativity in your mind.

23) May you rise up the corporate ladder of success, just like how the run rises in the morning. 24) Early morning starts are the best way to get work done before the chaos and background noise of the rest of the day takes over.
27) The only difference between people who are successful and those who aren’t, is that successful people face their challenges while others run away from them. 28) Every morning, you get an opportunity to write a new chapter in the destiny of your career.
29) Most successful people rely on early mornings to think, plan, strategize and get work done. 30) Every morning is an opportunity to redeem yourself of the mistakes of your past and push yourself towards a successful future.
33) Chilly mornings are made cozier not by the cold walls of the office, but by the warm smiles of colleagues like you.
34) The warmth of the morning sun’s rays reminds me of the warmth of the support given to me by colleagues like you.
35) My awesome and amazing colleagues, are the biggest perk of my job… especially YOU. 36) Just like how the darkness of night precedes the beautiful sunrise, every problem is actually a solution in disguise. 38) With colleagues like you, so fun and so adorable… even angry bosses become tolerable and impossible targets seem achievable. 40) The secret to a good career lies in learning from mistakes, building solid relationships and making use of every single opportunity to leave a mark of your hard work and excellence.
1 Samuel 30:6 And David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because all the people were bitter in soul, each for his sons and daughters.

Psalm 119:23 Even though princes sit plotting against me, your servant will meditate on your statutes. On your Birthday, we're here to tell you that we will always support you in everything you do.
You may not be able to entirely control how your colleagues work but you definitely have the power to put a bounce in their steps with texts, notes and the one-off email. You guard me against malicious attacks, heal me when I break down and always protect with your unconditional support. Fix them, learn from them and understand what you need to do so that you never repeat them.
It will not only stop you from getting where you want to be, but also ruin what you already have.
Since, only a good change is called an improvement, the rest is only an illusion of improvement. You will be amazed to see how, even a cute Facebook post or a pin on Pinterest can put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces. The wishes you share with everyone will be a welcome change in your workplace – an inspiring departure from an environment where everyone is busy talking behind each others’ backs.

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