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There’s usually something about my art that I notice and groan at, but this is a pretty satisfactory on every front. It seems like the vampire is going to get the better of our intrepid hero- or so you would think! I could not find a scanner that would copy a piece of illustration board this big, so we’ve got photos baby!
With this as the third main piece that means that I got to do three layouts: include a glove, a countdown, and a murder, effectively covering all of my dueling bases. I really like using the black edges, but painting them in instead of photoshopping them in was a chore.
This is the only one of the pictures that actually has a glove being thrown down, and the only one that is wordless.
The only context you should need for the above comic: In Ultimate Comics Spider-Man the Human Torch (Johnny), Ice Man (Bobby), and Spider-Man (Peter) all live together. This really is not a bad thing to hold against the amazing Dan Hipp of Amazing Joy Buzzards.
So, to address this difficulty I’m going to have to crack open a few books and read up on how these professional people handle it.
So this was suggestion numero dos from the patient Scott Wegener of Atomic Robo: Atomic Robo versus bating up the Voltron made out of lions, with the leg of the Voltron made out of cars, boats, and spaceships. After a late night of sketching I just plopped down in front of a piece of bristol and decided to draw something light and fun.
But yeah, since Robo is a bajillion times smaller than Voltron I decided to ignore that and make them the same size. So because I did not know that there was more than one Voltron I ignored the entire second half of the request.
So I sat with head in hand, hours of sketching these guys behind me, and just said screw it. 1) If I think I stunk up a request I’ll come crawling back, full of remorse, pleading for a second chance. 2) That even with the impetus of a second chance there is no such thing as quality assurance on this website. The line work is good, the color works (did you know that cosmic space is the color of barf?), and most importantly it is fun. As coincidence would have it, both of our book clubs are reading Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I drew a bear and kittens for fun after reading it, but when it came to this picture I could not think of how to incorporate a bear.

If they can grab someone and get them to draw- it’s gotta be Scott Pilgrim high fiving Superman. I sat around and sketched horses for an hour or so, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. He gets the honor because the idea of anyone, especially a human, challenging him to a duel was absurd. I had a forth one with a cool layout with Cyclops but I held off doing it since this is already a week late. I know that this concerns about two people on the internet (Hi Mom!) but the point of the blog is to train me in being professional.
I don’t think I can express how much I am of a fan of Spider-Man and the Human Torch when they get to yell at each other. Of course that wasn’t enough as they had to have a battle royale in the middle of a metropolis. I realized as I was searching for Voltron images, days into drawing Voltrons, that Wikipedia had multiple entries under Voltron. Searching for back issues of comics, reading my encyclopedias of the Marvel and DC universes, knowing obscure facts from comics decades before my birth. I guess it’s more appropriate to say that I just read three novels in the past week and decided not to do anything but. This reeaaalllly fun piece is at the behest of those cool dudes at Let’s Be Friends Again, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley. I’m real rudimentary level with my painting so using acrylic is like an advanced coloring book. As a cartoon I’m satisfied, holy heck it is a picture of a Unicorn and a Narwhal, but I do know that I could have done more. Hipp I included a lot of words about dueling because I was challenging him to challenge me. I kept asking people what would look cool, sketched what I thought was cool, I really had a hard time with it.
I kept trying to draw Atomic Robo’s body like a person and for some reason that did not work out to well.
The most beautiful part is that I would not be surprised if something like this happened in the comic. How is it that something like “There are multiple Voltrons” exists as a fact that I missed? I know that the piece has things that I can improve, but any time I get a good chortle out of what I’m looking at I forgive many of the shortcomings.

That way I have the sense that they want to see the picture, and that motivates me to complete it.
I’m not sure about the placement of trees, I think the blocked blacks might have been better spread out differently, or with more intent.
Eventually my problem boiled down to: Who did I want to fight, why did that person work, how could I make it look good? It might have to do with his proportions are unique…as he is a robot, but my drawing hand refused to agree on this point. Trust me, I love Galactus- any time FF v Galactus I know that it’s a good read- but man, sometimes you just need to laugh at the absurdity that can be the world of comics. Look, just because the guy was taken out at point blank range with a measly derringer does not mean that he could hold his own against a vampire. When it comes to under the belly you get a dab of black, on top of the back you get a touch of white. Another big disappointment is by photocopying this in grayscale the whites are not as bright as they should and shades that are more extreme on the page are lost. But because of that high regard he was the only AJB that I thought could level the world with a single word. That way I could look at different ways to lay out the picture, use different characters, and finally move forward with the project.
I’m not happy with the end result for this picture but drawing it was really educational. Trust me, the picture doesn’t get much better, but I like to grab at the credit where I can.
The whole painting-a-piece-of-illustration-board took longer then the requisite week but there should be issues no longer! I realize now that the tip, nub, whatever the metal-pen-part-is-called, was not the best shape for the job, but I still treasure the learning experience. I want to throw them out and reinterpret the character but I also like the challenge of trying to figure out how to use them to work with the character.

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