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These are some fun brain exer­cises to make our brain to increase the memory and attention power a lot. We’ve all seen those people that talk to themselves in the grocery store or walking down the street, in fact, some of you reading this may actually be those people.
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Wherever you are, try to find red colored objects that fit in your pocket and find blue colored objects that don’t fits in your pocket. Some are natural, in the form of herbs or high-dose vitamins, while others are man-made and pharmaceutical.
A If attention problems are already present the side effect risk appears to be significant increased, as well.
I realized that many of us moms use substances that affect the brain daily anyway, especially caffeine and sugar, and I wanted to see if there were other natural ways to improve energy and brain performance.It is important to note that even natural substances that improve cognition do have an effect of some kind of the brain.

While there isn’t a single way that they work, most affect the brain by changing the neurochemicals or hormones in the brain.
That said, there are several classes of herbs and supplements that seem to improve cognition.AdaptogensThese are natural substances that help the body handle stress and that as a byproduct may improve cognition. Examples include herbs like ginseng, maca and cordyceps.Unlike caffeine, which is a stimulant that encourages a specific response within the body, adaptogenic herbs help the body adapt to stress by nudging it toward balance. To put it a different way, ifA caffeine is like a map from point A (sleepy) to point B (alert), adaptogens are more like a GPS system that figures out where you are and helps you get where you need to go (balanced). I drank a coffee that contained Cordyceps Extract and used a Maca and Greens powder.Food Based NootropicsNature provides many natural foods and herbs that support the body in various ways, including supporting brain health (with or without side effects). The first is called Alpha Brain,A an herbal nootropic supplement designed to increase focus and concentration.
I noticed that it helped my energy and focus much more than coffee without making me jittery like coffee can at times.CILTEPDave AspreyA introduced me to this supplement and I was amazed at how effective it was for me.

I would take this supplement on days that I needed to be able to concentrate on writing or meet deadlines and noticed a big difference in focus and concentration. Smart drugs, on the other hand,A haveA potentially dangerous side effects (especially when used off-label or by someone they were not prescribed to) and should generally be avoided, especially without the oversight of a trained doctor or medical professional.Ever tried any Nootropics or smart drugs? I am taking a DIM product, thyroid support, and since I was a little anemic some blood support as well. Notify me of new posts by email.Popular Posts All-Natural Homemade Bug Spray Recipes That Work!

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