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The mix of Spanish and Celtic culture and language may seem odd at first, but the two have a richly intertwined history. So remember how I made some critical comments in the tags when I shared the Japanese trailer for Big Hero 6? Note: A lot of these lyrics work pretty similarly in English so I tried to keep it as close to a literal translation as possible, but, as with all translation, some changes were necessary.
Fun fact: what do the last two posts on this blog (the Latin American Spanish dub of Tangled and the German dub of Frozen) have in common? I adore Rapunzel’s voice in this version, Danna Paola does a fantastic job (her talents are highlighted here, but she is really strong through the whole film in both singing and voice acting).
Besides that, like I said, I really just love the overall sound of the words and rhyming of this version.
The primary differences between European French and Canadian French are in pronunciation, vocabulary, slang, language construction, and pragmatic variation due to having evolved differently under various cultural factors. Probably my favorite version of this song due to the singer’s unique and striking voice. When researching their connection, the history of the Celts, the Iberian Peninsula, Iberians, and Celtiberians, I found more information than I could easily process.

I wanted to go at least partially more in depth because it’s an important issue to discus and relevant to this blog. Fitting language for the film considering the mixed Japanese-United States setting, San Fransokyo (the original comics were actually set in Japan), and that Hiro himself is (at least part) Japanese.
For example, negatives work differently in Spanish–the language allows double negatives. The singer for Elsa in the German dub, Willemijin Verkaik (who also happens to sing the Dutch version) originated the role of Elphaba in the German and Dutch language productions of Wicked.
The Latin American Spanish dub of Tangled is actually the first Disney movie that I watched in Spanish (at least, outside of movie days in class) and I fell in love. Canadian French has interestingly maintained some archaic features that have been lost in modern European French.
She really does a fantastic job, adding so much depth and personality to this dub of the song. This is a nice and quick little rundown of why the redesign of the film’s characters is problematic and a point for discussion. She’s the only actress (to my knowledge) to play the role in three languages and her talent shows.

Fitting, since Indina Menzel, the original Elphaba, voices Elsa in the English version of the film.
French is the mother tongue of approximately 80% of the population and 95% of the population is able to speak it, making it Canada’s only dominant francophone province (and the only province to have French as its sole official language). Similarly, Danna Paola, the voice of Rapunzel in the Latin American Spanish dub of Tangled, originated the role of Elphaba in the Spanish language production of Wicked that debuted in Mexico City last fall (double cast with Ana Cecilia Anzaldúa). She says she prefers to sing in English because she’s always listened to music in English and it comes more naturally. But this song shows that she absolutely shines in her native language as well and I’m so happy that she was chosen for this dub.

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