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Btw, if I make to the 100th episode, or a big number like that I'm going to give you all sweet treat! Parents always forget that they were young like their kids and they did almost the same what their children do I read all chapters, I think it's a great idea to put music. Thea, Felicity all move from hope to disillusion while Oliver moves from disillusion to hope. We can argue it’s a progression for Diggle, Thea and Laurel because they end up in a wildly different place than where they started.But Felicity? The tsunami that destroyed the island a few years ago took 300.000 lives but at least gave them the chance to start over. I'll be putting those sentences in bold until I can make a picture with a play button on it. While Felicity seems a little uncertain at times, Oliver is absolutely confident in her skills. We felt like home, mainly disembarking and seeing that the port was a hot spot for innocent tourists’ hunters.

It was a very expensive balance and, although it sounds frivolous to say, even more because they didn’t know how to take advantage of it.
Yes, it’s true Felicity believed she and Oliver could do both - be vigilantes and together in the premiere.
While our fellow travelers were going crazy trying to find a room, we decided to seat in an area outside a bar in front of the sea to ease our hunger with a cold beer.
Now there’s no trace of that giant wave, a couple of posters saying the obviousness that the escape route is to go up the mountain and that’s it.
If the previous day was our social introduction, today we became close friends to most of the islanders. It is said that, after the disaster, it took them very little time to rebuild the same cabins on the same sand with the same logs.
When all the naive tourists have fallen for the worst hotels at the highest prices, sales will come up.
Many people were starving, so they had to hurry and, as soon as they finished counting the bodies, they started the sell the paradise on sale.

A couple of hours later it poured down and it flooded the island, and also made us emerge form our lethargy. I know some people don't like downloading things from websites, so that's why they will be on the gallery. Not that there are rats all over the island, but if you try to imagine where the poor relatives of Mickey Mouse would go on vacation, you cannot stop thinking that they are running around under the planks that cover the main street of the Phi Phi Islands, the shabbiest street ever.
Pants up and flip-flops down, we walked the main street up and down so many times trying to find a decent room to stay, that half of the island knew us at the end. The sewer of the island had overflowed, and the crap started to mix with the dirt and we could not tell crap from mud anymore.

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