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In addition to a few thin leaflets and quick start posters, a Window 8 operating system DVD as well as a driver and application DVD are in the box.
The system can be reset to state of delivery via HP's recovery system should the system run slowly or even refuse to boot. We mentioned that the modifications of the 4540s are noticed in the details compared with the 4530s. Synaptics' touchpad in the 4540s is inserted slightly deeper in the wrist rest than in the 4530s.
I've been using an HP Probook 6550b for the last two weeks or so now and, while it is a nicely put together machine, I am reminded from moment to moment just how much I dislike the over-convoluted mess that is the Windows OS. It looks decent enough but has the same annoying quirks and fickleness that plagues every Windows operating system. Yes, in this case I was using my iPhone 4 headphones that happen to have a built-in microphone and that probably threw the poor laptop into a tizzy which made it forget what headphones are primarily for.
And then there's the total waste of space and knocking the whole thing out of symmetry number pad. The keyboard isn't backlit but if you watch a movie then have something to cover up the ridiculously overbright "I'm ON!" blue light of the Wifi antenna and the not as bright teal-ish "Laptop is ON!" on the left front bezel (you know, just about the worst place to have a bright light if you're laying in bed and trying to watch a movie). Pros: Looks nice, runs reasonably quickly, decent battery life (easy 3+ hours of use), good sized screen. Hewlett Packard introduces the successor of the numerous ProBook 65xx-series with the ProBook 650.
The notebook has a large maintenance cover.ConnectivityThe port layout of the ProBook is convenient, but some ports on the right side are too far at the front. The ProBook is primarily designed for business users, so there are also several security features. Besides some warranty information, a quick start poster and a brochure for available accessories there are also three DVDs in the box: One application and driver recovery DVD as well as one setup DVD for Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and Windows 8 Professional each. According to the provided brochure, Hewlett Packard offers the same accessories for the ProBook 650 as they did for the predecessors.
The average DeltaE-2000 deviation is around 10.5 and therefore comparable with many low-cost notebooks. CalMAN - Saturation SweepsThe combination of a low contrast ratio and the low display brightness is imperfect outdoors. The refresh of the well-known ProBook 45X0s series wants to score with a matte screen, good application performance and two operating systems.
The performance as well as the laptop's configuration easily suffices common applications, such as MS Office software, Internet communication or video rendering. In this case, it is running Windows 7 Professional which looks nice and seems quick enough. To get anything done on this thing, you've gotta be willing and able to dig into the underpinnings.

Either the laptop has a broken headphone port or the controls for it are too buried in the OS to be of any use.
Notice the trackpad definitely shading to the left of center, maybe this is supposed to appeal to liberals. From the often too sensitive tap to click (which just as often seems to forget that you clicked it) to the tiny strip of scrolling-ness on the right of the wee little finger rink and even further to the mushy feeling real buttons below. I tend to like how they put things together most of the time, they're stodgy and boring, sure, but they do a nice job of labeling access panels to make repair work easier (and they do need repair work). I don't have to upload Java or Adobe or some critical security thing or worry about the last brain sucking zombie virus from China or Nigeria. This port is not usually important for private users and was – similar to the parallel port – replaced by USB.
Windows always showed the maximum number of bars, even with a distance of 15 meters (~49 feet) from the router. Access to the recovery features is possible via the Escape-button after you turn the notebook on. The surface is identical to the palm rest; the slightly roughened material provides good gliding capabilities. You can only see the display content if the environment is not very bright.We are not convinced by the viewing angle stability either.
The performance is more than sufficient for most office tasks, including web browsing and communication. However, all data and applications that the user saved or installed on the laptop will be deleted. Even for something as stupid simple as plugging in a set of headphones and making them "just work" without having to fiddle with the damned dials all the time. Sorry PC users, your operating system of choice (was it really your choice or was that choice made for you?), sucks Steve Ballmer's saggy, depleted but still defiantly over-confident nuts. I've messed around with some flavors of Linux that are quite usable without being irritating (Hey, wanna take a tour of Windows XP?
You'll use it more, you'll use it long after this HP Fauxbook is thrown out and it won't frustrate you anywhere near as much. It is well equipped with a docking port, 5 USB 3.0 ports, a matte display as well as a Haswell processor and it is also interesting for private users with a retail price of 750 Euro (~$1025). HP offers mainstream business notebooks within the 65xx-series, and all devices so far could convince us with a sturdy case, a good build quality, excellent maintainability and of course many business features.
The design of the ProBook is quite appealing; HP uses a simple and business-oriented design without any curlicues. The torsion resistance is also okay, however, a notebook that was designed for the road should be a tad stiffer. It is however still used in business environments – for instance, for the maintenance of cashier systems.

In combination with the preinstalled tool HP Client Security, you can realize system access via fingerprint scan and HP's File Sanitizer enables safe deletion of files. You just have to loosen it and then remove the cover to gain access to the memory, hard drive, WLAN module, BIOS battery, CPU and the fan. If you want your own Windows 7 DVD, you can read how to create such a DVD free of charge in one of our news articles (German). The working memory, hard disk, Wi-Fi module and the processor as well as the heat sink is found behind it. Sure, its the favorite input device of bean counters everywhere but, last I checked, I'm not a bean counter nor is a large percentage of the population a bean counter.
The situation is okay with horizontal changes and even multiple persons can see the display content, but the picture does get darker with wider angles. The screen in the 4540s cannot reproduce either the sRGB or AdobeRGB color space.The brightness on battery power is sufficient for outdoor use.
There is no bouncing in the main area during typing, only a little flex around the numeric keypad. In addition to the same ports as the other three laptops, it also features an eSATA port, an ExpressCard socket and a docking port. Our test device does not feature a UMTS module and it cannot be retrofitted due to the lack of an internal slot. However, direct sunlight should be avoided.The screen's viewing angle stability is unsurprising and is on a par with that of the precursor.
You can also activate or deactivate the pad itself with a tap in the upper left corner; a small LED indicates the current status.
Our test device is at the lower end of the price range with 530 to 550 Euros (~$697 to $724).
The hinges do a good job and keep the display in position, but there is still some bouncing.
The two mouse buttons have a clearly audible and perceptible pressure point in combination with a short travel.Hewlett Packard integrates a keyboard without background illumination. Attentive readers will notice a recess beside the Wi-Fi module on the pictures of the hardware innards. It is possible to open the lid with one hand.The ProBook 650 has a business-oriented design.

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