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These are some of the basic things I’ve learned to double check when at work or writing something in general – blog or not blog. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
Spell check – Sometimes in the heat of passion (not that kind of passion), we forget to chck our gramar and speling. Edit – “When you edit, edit brutally.” My teacher used to say this and it does apply to news writing, not necessarily blog writing.

Credit – This is self-explanatory – credit where credit is due whether it is links, photos, ideas etc. Be professional – When writing something that needs to be professional, sound professional. To swear or not to swear – Your blog is your space and if swearing is part of your tone, then swearing is part of your blog. Just make sure you tick the English UK version and not the American version (all my Aussie workplaces are very particular about this).

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