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How did they transport me to Africa, Greenwich Village, Paris, Africa, Lisbon and make me feel I was walking the streets, actively a part of and engaging with the main characters? I need to review these and continue to refine the characteristics that defines good writing.  For now, I am going to clip these to the side of my screen and aspire to achieve them. What do you think constitutes good writing?  I want to continue to learn from you as well as other masters of the craft. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Look at it this way; if you were the New York Times, you would already have some credibility. In fact I would go so far as to say that sometimes I get upset when I read very poorly written blog posts.
One such aspect was whether writing should be communication-oriented or languaged in a sophisticated manner. As the author of this blog post, I am happy to respond or comment to any issue related its topic.
If someone is not fluent in English, then you can say that in the blog, but still work at things like not using sms shortcuts. Good writing mean writing about matters that people did not know of, but wanted to know about. What i think matters the most is that you’re able to convey your message properly to your audience and that is not possible unless you have a good command over the language you are using. That is right: A short-term gain of traffic might be offset by a long term loss in loyalty. When consumerist culture is rampaging through our lives, brand recall is of great importance and quality content is the easiest way to make your audience remember you. As a blogger, would you go about focusing a lot of your energy, and as a consequence your time and money, on well written blog posts?

If nothing else I would really like it if Google, in its advanced settings, gives me an option to choose the quality of language in the given post. He has designed and authored the financial literacy program of the National Stock Exchange.
It was quite informative, learning-oriented and yet inconclusive in some parts of the discussion.
But, a combination of both is a recipe of sure-shot success, of course subject to other requisites of blogging being adhered to. The more the number of varied shots in his kitty, it will provide him enhanced flexibility to deal with each delivery based on its merit. In my experience, buying proof reading for 100 words is more expensive than getting 100 words written. After all, there seems to be a direct correlation between the number of readers, viewers, visitors, page views, clicks on ads, etc.
Or are you of the opinion that as long as people can read and understand what you’re saying, your job of communication through a blog post has been completed. Just like it allows me to filter-out adult content, I wish it would allow me to filter-out content that is not well written.
It is important to write something meaningful, as it not just helps in having a great ranking in search engines but you are not writing it for the search engines but for the end traffic that comes and reads the content. So, take my responses as my opinion, not as my word of saying that this is the only right way to see things. What my article is encouraging all of us to do is to work on the language aspect of their blogging too. Those of us who have been around since Day 1 ?? know that it is best to serve your readers. Some times it may help to get visitors but if you are selling something, you may lose customers.

Just remarking that strangely enough, editing content often costs more than creating original content. But I think that in the anonymous world of the Internet, good writing will always be used as a criterion by your readers to judge your authenticity and credibility.
Does good writing mean writing about matters that people did not know of, but wanted to know about?
Of course we cannot be so naive to assume that Google cannot figure out the quality of language in a given document.
Many bloggers write things that are optimized to rank well, but they don’t care on how readable and understandable it is. If one has really poor English, then even a spellchecker and grammar checker can make a substantial improvement.
A learned audience will definitely appreciate quality and that is one way to make a mark on your readers mind!
This is where, writing, which clearly is the result of great effort, and learning, will have a distinct edge in convincing the reader that they are reading something authentic. After all, even as a far back as 20 years ago, when I first started using Microsoft Word, it could give me the readability statistics that would evaluate the quality of my writing. By doing this, although they are getting a good visitor from Google, but they would be failing to convert the visitor into a subscriber. And then, we are talking about Google, the almighty Google, which can algorithmically determine the quality of any given page.
Thus far, I have not seen any clear evidence that Google gives a lot of emphasis, or for that matter any emphasis, to the quality of writing in a document in deciding how it would rank it.

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