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Subscribe to our newsletter to get tips and event updates delivered straight to your inbox! On Monday, December 14 See Jane Write hosted a workshop on how to write your vision for your personal and professional life.
During the workshop Lois explained the difference between a vision, a mission, and a strategic plan. Identify the support you have to get you to your vision and the things that may be obstacles in your path. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Learn how vision and mission statements help you make better decisions for your startup or small business, stay focused, and build a great company culture. While you do need to dream big, you do need to make sure your goals are actually attainable.

Share your vision with people in your tribe and with people who are a part of the empire you’re striving to build.
I always recommend you take your one-year goals and break them down into 90-day goals and break those down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. At this hands-on workshop I’ll help you set goals for 2016 and help you develop a system that will enable you to accomplish these goals.
I was unable to attend because I had to work and was bummed when I realized I would miss out…. Lois specializes in helping entrepreneurs and organizations craft visions to guide their futures.
Lois has been my business coach this the start of the fall and while working with her we’ve crafted a vision for my personal and professional life. Describe, in great detail, all areas of life – personal growth, professional growth, financial growth, spiritual growth, and relational growth.

For example, my mission is to empower women through blogging, writing, and entrepreneurship, but I’m never going to wake up one morning and declare that all women of the world have been sufficiently empowered. Vision is about describing, in great detail, what you want your life to look like 90 days, one year, or five years from now.
The See Jane Write network is about creative and ambitious women who want to live a life worth writing about.

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