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This is my verifications gallery contains 315 items which were sent from broadcasting stations in 1970s and 80s. Japanese language consists of three alphabets: kanji (pictographic characters imported from China), hiragana and katakana (phonetic alphabets developed in Japan). To display Japanese alphabets on your browser, you may install a program to support Japanese language. If you want to study Japanese alphebets or Kanji more, please visit "ALL ABOUT JAPAN" which is my new web site for foreign people who are interested in the Japanese language and Japan.
Maybe you tried proclaiming your love with a sand message during your island honeymoon, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

Keep up with the latest Challenges news, and creative design & decorating inspiration when you Subscribe to Homeworkshop's Design Junkies Journal. Although all the contents are writen in Japanese, they can be translated to English automatically. To read a newspaper, you must know 2,000 commonly used kanji, hiragana and katakana, which are taught in elementary school and junior high school, along with the English alphabets. How to combine is somewhat complicated, occasionally a voiced consonant mark is added or some characters are written in small size.
She will write (just about) anything in the sand at the Northern California beach down the street from her home.

My pal Diane and I met the vividly-clad Supie (aka Susan Davis) at her packed booth at the Harvest Festival, while she energetically juggled purchases and questions from customers.

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