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My experience has been that an emphasis on cursive writing went by the wayside about 10 years ago – by the time my son was a 3rd grader, they spent much less time on cursive and even print writing than for my slightly older daughter. I don’t know my thoughts on whether his lack of schooling in cursive would make it more challenging to read handwritten documents? Do you think that a generation taught typing instead of cursive writing (with a reduced emphasis on even print writing for that matter) will be more challenged in the future to read hand-written documents or not?
The opinions, articles, and statements expressed herein are solely for the use of our readers. The materials on this UpFront blog are under copyright of the National Genealogical Society. Do your kids sometimes make you remember things from your childhood that you had buried away deep down in your memory? Little Coco is going to be starting elementary school in September.
Anyway I have been enjoying brushing up on my cursive writing (which is actually really difficult!), and I am sure that by the end of the summer Coco will have it mastered like a charm. What about in your country? As a french family living in London, my girl entered a Bristish school last september, both learning how to read and write in English and French. Does Not Learning Cursive Mean Our Descendants Will Be Less Able to Read Handwritten Documents?

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I thought it had been phased out roughly around the same time as mullets and stone washed jeans.
Do schools in other countries still teach cursive writing or is this totally a French thing? The teacher is impressed by the way she can write, and likes how her work is always beautifuly presented.
When you read French adults’ handwriting, you realize no one is now using the cursive letters anymore ! My mom learned cursive writing when she was in school but by the time I started elementary school they weren’t teaching it anymore. I wonder if it’s unique to their school or if all UK students are exempt from learning this. NGS and the authors disclaim any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise that is or may be incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and applications of any of the products, techniques, and technologies mentioned herein.

With the arrival of computers everywhere I had thought that cursive writing would have become a forgotten skill. Cursive writing is back now and kids are learning it again in schools starting at kindergarten. I wish they would as the presentation of his work is awful and it would teach him to spend a little time over it.
NGS does not imply endorsement of any outside advertiser or other vendors appearing in this blog. In France, this is a major skill you need to have mastered for your first year at elementary school. I thought wrong: cursive writing is, apparently, really important as it is the fastest way of writing and of note taking!

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