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In the past month you have written your roles, your motives and dreams, taken the beginning actions that will lead to bigger risks and possibly come into a few conflicts in the process. We love hearing about people like Steve Jobs who found where their passion meets their vocation. The hard part isn’t knowing what you like to do, we have worked to get that on paper in the past month.
The conflict we talked about will quickly come from friends and family doubting your decisions, or the inherent difficulties in the path you’ve chosen.

Are you waking up with a new excitement that is pushing you towards continuing the past months adventures? They have unconventionally chosen not to sit behind a desk and report to useless weekly meetings, but have worked hard to build on their own dreams. You take an active role in your story and edit it to become the person you dream of, instead of taking the easy or expected path.
You are the leading character and you know what you want, so confront conflict and write yourself an interesting story!

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