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Mathematics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields. I have a formula in a paper that I want to write out by hand, and it contains two "D"s, a normal D, $D$ in latex, and a 'mathcal', caligraphic D, $\mathcal{D}$ in latex. Questions on Mathematics Stack Exchange are expected to relate to math within the scope defined by the community.
I would write $D$ in the same way which you use in handwriting when text consists only of capital letters, such as here. While not strictly on-topic here, this is an interesting math-related question and there are no other SE sites to which this could be migrated. You can try to imitate my calligraphy, follow the one in the other answers or develop your own.
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And for $\mathcal D$ I would use the usual way for handwritten capital $D$, such as in the following picture, which I found here. How curious; when I was younger lots of people were struggling to find a way to get the things they knew how to write on paper or on the blackboard into print in a recognisable way, now it is the other way around. I learned to write calligraphic letters when I was 6 or 7 years old, but it is very common to switch to "normal" upper-case letters when growing up.
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Start at the top of the line, go down in an arc, then come up to the left, so the vertical line of the D is kind of an elongated oval instead of a line.

Anyway, in writing there is no absolute uniformity and different people write the same thing in many different ways (when I started teaching in France, I had to get used to the fact that students here write $z$ in a way that to me looks perfectly like a $y$, but they write $y$ just a tad differently).
Just make sure you write your $\mathcal D$ in a way that looks "handwritten" and somewhat resembles a "D", but sufficiently different from how you write $D$ (and much depends on what that is).
Personally I tend to make a little loop at the bottom left of $\mathcal D$ to suggest it is written in one continued stroke (which is indeed they way I write it), while $D$ has two separate strokes.

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