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So much important information seems to be missing in so many novels, especially first novels by aspiring authors.
Novel writing is tricky; there are countless essential components that need to mesh cohesively to reveal the heart of a story.
After thousands of hours of critiquing and editing hundreds of manuscripts, I’ve noticed there are some questions I seem to ask a lot. And what’s usually missing is not just the locale but the smells and sounds, a sense of the time of day and year, and exactly where in the world the action is taking place. So many scenes dive into dialog or action without telling the reader how much time has passed from the last scene. So many times I read bits of action or dialogue that should produce a reaction from the point-of-view (POV) character, but the scene just zooms ahead without an indication of what the character is feeling or thinking. If you get hit by a car, you aren’t going to first think logically about what happened and what you need to do next. Keep this adage in mind: for every action, there should be an appropriate, immediate reaction. If you can get in the habit of continually asking questions as you delve into your novel, you may find it will lead you to the heart of your story.
I always go back and ask if the dialogue really matches my character, the scene, and situation. I think the main area of Conflict in the story is of primary importance for the writer to focus on while constructing the novel.
I edit and do glossaries and indexes for historical accounts, and while episodic accounts have a natural flow, that’s no excuse for turgid writing.
I often do that with my fictional accounts, just to test them out and find holes in the story telling. I work hard on managing tension and an interesting story flow, interspersing characters and sub plots as needed.

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The image below of the Korean keyboard is large and you can click on it to make it bigger and print it out for reference.  Some keys have two Korean Hangul Letters present and to type the letter in the top right of the key you must hold the shift key.
Click here to listen to a free interview that will show you how to overcome all your fear and ride the wild tiger of life! The biggest problem I see in novel scenes is the lack of sufficient information to help the reader “get” where a scene is taking place.
It’s important to know if five minutes or five months have     passed, and it only takes a few words to make that clear. First, you scream or your body slams against the sidewalk and pain streaks through your back. This involves your main character having a need to get something or somewhere, do something or find something. Poetry stretches across such a diverse landscape that there really are no structural rules that apply across the board.
I especially like the stages you define regarding feelings— “First viscerally, then emotionally, then physically and finally, intellectually” — although I might interchange the ones in the middle on occasion. I encourage first time writers to rearrange their accounts, a trick that I learned to develop a more interesting flow. I do get concerned that my characters get somewhat type cast, and want to build a better variety. I always make sure I get friends and family (as well as an editor), to look over my novel, as they often finds things that I know the answer too, but forgot to include in the novel.
On a deeper look, writing a novel is more like writing a screenplay, just that in a novel, a third person (that is, you) relates the story. I know some people naturally include it, but I often find inrevision that I’ve written scores of scenes that feature disembodied heads talking to each other who knows where.

Often a writer will show a character reacting with deep thought about a situation, when their first natural reactions are missing. I’ve found when writing my own novels that if I just keep asking questions—the right ones—I’ll find the answers that are right for that story. Lakin is the author of thirteen novels and works as a professional copyeditor and writing coach. But maybe for your own style of poetry you could come up with some questions that would help you refine your ideas.
If a character does not help to drive the story forward, or has no point, then the story would probably do better without him.
I find it worth having a few people do this, as different people focus on different parts of the story.
If you wish to write Korean on your computer, use the Korean keyboard layout picture below to help you. If the Korean looks like gibberish or if you are unable to view Korean on this website you must change the encoding.
However, it is important to ensure that each scene makes sense in terms of a location in the frame of reference of the other scenes. You will will now have a small bar on your desktop or menu bar which allows you to switch between Korean and English. If you do not have a real location to fall back on, it helps to draw a fictional map before you start writing. These initial questions lead to more questions, which shape and bring life to characters and story.

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