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Knowing how to write a book title that intrigues readers is key to gaining your audience’s attention.
Rowling’s Harry Potter novels)The titles of successful books are simple yet striking, intriguing but not confusing or awkwardly worded. If you have themes and plot worked out and are still in the process of writing, you can still devise a working title:Create title ideas by finding the potential names buried in your story’s themes and concerns. For example, you could make a list of terminology used in military operations: ‘Active duty’, ‘advance force’, ‘ground alert’.
Many successful novels have single-word titles: Toni Morrison’s Pultizer-winning novel Beloved and Jonathan Franzen’s critically-acclaimed novel Freedom are only two examples.

But think about these things: Consider how a title-meets-website-domain can capitalize on popular book searches in Google, for example. Yet an external perspective is still useful when you are too close to your writing to decide (with at least some objectivity) whether your title’s good or not.
Once you have a shortlist of potential titles for your book, ask others for helpful feedback. Rather than ask biased friends, get to know other writers who won’t sugar-coat their feedback.There is also plenty of advice to be found on writing book titles around the web. Berkun shares Michael Hyatt’s helpful article ‘Four Strategies for Creating Titles that Jump off the Page’.

You don’t have to re-write your novel title as click-bait (even though these examples of classic book titles re-imagined are funny and bold).
All this requires is makin an effort to understand the kind of language that makes the average reader sit up and say ‘I’m listening’.

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