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Some people have asked me to give some details on how to write all those weird Greek letters.
I have watched the news last night that our Department of Health (DOH) wants food manufacturers, including fast food chain, to have their foods properly labelled.
In this regard, DOH wants to create an awareness about the calories Filipinos are taking in. And to guide us on what we should eat, here's a chart of the caloric values of the common Filipino foods.

It would be better if all Filipinos will be aware of the calories or nutritional values of the the food they eat.
I have prepared a page with all 24 capital and small-case letters of the Greek alphabet and the way I write them. If you want to print it, you have to download it and use an image editor (I use xv) to save it as a postscript file and then print that file. But because of our current economics and increasing population, a below average families will never mind the food they will eat.

Of course, other people use different ways to write the letters, so if you find some other way more convenient, you should use that instead of what I propose. Let me note that I am right-handed, so left-handed people may have difficulty writing "my way".

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