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Job seekers often focus on the interview side of the application process and neglect the non-verbal part of it.
Introduction – Include a short introduction of yourself like your name, academic degree(s) or age. Just as looks and gestures could affect the success rate of your job application, so is your resume, more so your cover letter.
Though you may sweat over all the sections of your business plan, some have more value to prospective investors and partners. Many entrepreneurs just include standard bios for each principle and job composites for positions yet to be filled.
To write the bio, I worked across and down the organizer, making complete sentences from my notes.
Add story-telling to the management team section to create meaningful context for investors.

Today, employers give plus points to applicants who know the name of the hiring officer or HR Manager. Of course list experience, degrees, etc., but explain how those skills complement other team members’. A senior at UNC, her experience as a recruitment counselor for the Panhellenic Council enables her to create authentic messaging designed to increase college student attendance.
Then explain why this person – as opposed to anyone else with similar skills and experience – is on the team.
Her domestic and international network of 18- to 24-year-olds provides excellent access to our target market. Use the organizer to take notes, then pull the most relevant Whys and Hows to use in the narrative. She comes to the project with knowledge and understanding of global affairs and innovation issues, gleaned from coursework in her major, global studies.

Pursuing a minor in journalism, Caroline’s covered innovative medical research at the university.
Her major and minor give her the experience and context to research and write promotional and educational materials for the conference without a lot of training and staff resources. Caroline is a strong writer with direct experience interviewing international sources and working in a deadline-driven environment. A bonus: Carolina is fluent in French, the language spoken by 115 million people in 31 African nations, many of which are involved in the conference.

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