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Just write your text in the below blue box and press the "Generate" button and you are done. The problem of direct color photography has been facing us since the turn of the last century. I went into photography because it seemed like the perfect vehicle for commenting on the madness of today existence. Items on display were from the Research Collection of Children's Literature and the J S Battye Library of West Australian History. One of the earliest books to authentically depict the unique beauty of the West Australian bush was Bill Baillie, His Life and Adventures (1908), by Rowan Ellis, who was to become one of Australia's most prominent botanical illustrators. Situated on the western edge of the continent, Western Australia provided a dramatic setting for the early adolescent novel.

The romance of the search for gold in the outback was described by Alexander Macdonald in The Lost Explorers: a Story of the Trackless Desert (1907) and The Hidden Nugget (1910) where he combined his usual mixture of mystery, adventure, suspense and intricate plot. Fantasy and illustration were used by early West Australian creators of children's books to convey their messages to children about desirable behaviour.
The rites and Dreamtime stories of indigenous West Australians reflect their close relationship with the land. Other minor displays in the exhibition included a selection of works by the prolific, WA born author, Leslie Rees, award-winning Western Australian books, and a display of contemporary adolescent literature. The creative process was reflected in original materials which included the donated personal papers and research notes of authors such as Paul Buddy, Carolyn Logan, Elaine Forrestal and Glyn Parry, and original illustrations by Robert Juniper.
The main title of the exhibition was taken from the theme for the Sixth National Conference of the Children's Book Council of Australia which was held in Perth from 3 - 6 May 2002.
In this charming book, she gave a delightful account of the escape of her treasured pet bilboa in the Goldfields area which she knew and loved.

The endearing bush fantasy creatures of the writer-illustrator, May Gibbs, first appeared in her early books published in successive years, Gumnut Babies (1916), Gum Blossom Babies (1917), Wattle Babies (1918) and Boronia Babies(1919).
The vibrant colours of the Outback and coastal environments in these illustrated books are striking. These creations had germinated in her imagination during her childhood and early formative years spent on a farm near Harvey, and later by the river in South Perth.

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